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Hence the kidding part. I guess you agree with everything else?
Add Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0, add Blu Ray (kidding) and make flash storage standard.
Of course back in 2010, if you wanted a non optical drive model you had to pay $1,000 and you had no SSD option.
I have a feeling it's coming but as has been said before, it will be updated quietly. My optimism is starting to grow upon hearing these rumors since we're not hearing about stupid lawsuit garbage for the time being.
Agreed. Remove the optical drive though keep it as is. How thin can you possibly make something?
Moreover... will nvidia be ready with their next successor to 650M that is a nice bump over that and whatever they add to the 13". Sandy Bridge E is one thing but I expect Haswell by next June. Of course by then, will Apple quickly follow up. You know I'm clamoring for the new mini though.
Okay let me be fair here. Comparing say the Rev. A Retina with say the Rev. A MBA is no comparison by any stretch. Though what I'm saying is, right now the Rev. A Retina is gold and has a chance to be platinum though probably will not reach that status until Rev. B. As for the mini, I doubt we are seeing that much of an overhaul. If anything, we'll see more of an overhaul with Haswell probably along with the iMac and Mac Pro. 2012 will just be a speed bump.
I am as equally excited about the 13" retina as I am about the (hopefully soon) upcoming Mac mini. The thing though about the 13" retina is I am waiting more for next year because of Rev. B vs. Rev. A.
See my earlier post on us still having another month in the quarter. We're probably due for another drop. Maybe not huge but one nonetheless.
Yes although we still have September.
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