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Not sure if this should go here or if it will be moved to the Politics section, though I wanted some people's thoughts on Buying American. I have started to slowly replace my wardrobe with only American made clothes. It's an ongoing process though it's something I'm trying to do in this tough economy and also to stop supporting big brands like Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, etc. (obviously Wal Mart but I still shop there for food sometimes). This topic is more geared...
After getting used to my 32" HDTV, a 21" iMac seems small.
There are a few options I have to do though not enough on the internet which is where I spend a lot of my time. Taking a walk/hike is a good idea though not with this hot weather. I prefer the cold.
Not to post too off topic but it's a good thing football season starts tomorrow so I'll have something else to focus on besides waiting for the Apple Store to update.
Isn't 2 GB the max amount of memory the GTX 680M can have? Edit: It is 4 GB. I would love to see Apple employ that option in the BTO.
So just like last time... 1 GB standard and 2 GB BTO? Sounds about right. Yeah that I don't understand. Apple had a reputation for being popular among graphic designers and such. Have they always been strict on video memory?
What graphics do you put in the iMac? Would the GTX 680M run too hot? Since the display isn't expected to increase, is 1 GB enough or do you at least give 2 GB for the ultimate as standard?
Or just have an SSD+HDD combo and no optical.
It is expected that we will NOT get a retina display thus the price would not be that high. As for your question, no I would not buy a $5,000 AIO desktop. While the iMac is a nice machine, I prefer the Mac mini's design.
Hence the kidding part. I guess you agree with everything else?
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