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Yeah I am looking forward to Haswell myself though since Intel has revealed a few bits and pieces on things to look forward to, it's enough to hold me over. Apple goes too far on secrecy imho. They need to say (and I know others will disagree) that such might be ready down the road or we're looking at this for a projected date down the road (and actually have done so in the past). Neglecting product lines makes people look elsewhere especially if other options become...
Any updated rumors that we can use to revive this thread?
In 2008, the the uMBP 15" was $1,999 and you only had 256 MB of graphics memory on the 9600M GT. $2,499 got you 512 MB.
It needs to come out soon. Apple needs other news besides lawsuits and the iPhone.
I just want to see the future of computers and not "consumer" devices and this is someone who is a consumer. It would be like if BMW started making sub-luxury cars.
It's a case of design as well. I could get my own case and Hackintosh it but I'm not interested enough to do that.
Even if they kill the discrete model, I won't even be mad. I just hope this kind of thing isn't affecting release dates: http://www.cultofmac.com/192350/how-apples-obsession-with-google-is-hurting-apple/
I agree and I try and take walks whenever I can. I agree that we spend too much time viewing computer screens and such. Louis CK once joked that if Jesus came back to Earth, people would just be twittering it on their phones.I'm saying people can't afford to do much outside activities and it's cheaper to just kind of sit and fall into hours of YouTube as opposed to going out to the theater or an art exhibit or something.
I feel the economy is partially to blame for that. People can't afford to walk out much.
I'm not going to say Samsung didn't copy some things from Apple but come on don't you think enough is enough?I probably wouldn't be bothered so much but I want more positive news.
New Posts  All Forums: