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I am so sad. I had a dream last night that new Mac Minis got released. Samsung SSDs were standard and the graphics were really shitty. I remember the server model had a discrete card with 32 MB of memory.
The smart idea is to obviously wait until the Ivy Bridge iMacs however I have a question about the current ones. I am trying to play Gauntlet Dark Legacy through "certain means" and want to know if I could run it through the base model or would I need the ultimate model to run it at full speed. Obviously it lags on Intel HD 3000 (on my 2011 Mini) but that is to be expected and I somehow think the Radeon 6630M wouldn't run it substantially better compared to the iMacs cards.
Again, I'll take a wait and see attitude though I like Intel's future plans so I see myself shifting away from Apple down the line if this is true.
I would have tears of joy in my eyes if that happened.http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/28942-nvidia-silently-slips-few-new-mobile-gpus
Does IB's heat issue come into play here? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivy_Bridge_(microarchitecture)#Heat_issue_when_overclocked
Just the thought of that makes me giddy.
I wouldn't hold your breath wizard, personally.
Well because of USB 3, then yes IB will be a good boost but not on processor speed alone. I feel as a buyer, I do not need to pick up a new Mini until Haswell. That said, I don't want them to not release a new model.
Even though I couldn't afford it, I like it.
Yeah I am looking forward to Haswell myself though since Intel has revealed a few bits and pieces on things to look forward to, it's enough to hold me over. Apple goes too far on secrecy imho. They need to say (and I know others will disagree) that such might be ready down the road or we're looking at this for a projected date down the road (and actually have done so in the past). Neglecting product lines makes people look elsewhere especially if other options become...
New Posts  All Forums: