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I'll say TS. All touch screen would undoubtedbly and completely suck.
I like the size of the Mac mini now though if it gave me more juice, I could take something a bit larger. Having said that, I think I might be able to deal with a mid-range IB mini coming up. I like the iMac but the AIO is still tough on me despite it offering far more. Edit: What's wrong with having a celebrity endorse the Mac mini? Someone who says it's everything you want in one little package and starts at just $599 and already works with the parts you have.
You shouldn't need to buy a crow either, they are easily found all over the place for free.
Well you'll at least get the Samsung 830, IB Processor, and USB 3.0
Yes please! Option for i7 2.9 GHz and for 1 GB on graphics.
I will wait for the next Mac I wish to buy to come out but in the meantime I may also buy a PC for a project I choose to use it for.
It spiked a bit in the summer with the air conditioning running though it has since dropped back to normal levels around this time. I am in the process of replacing some of the few incandescents with LEDs (was never much of a fan of CFLs due to mercury).
I realize globalization is important although for clothes, toys, etc. I am willing to pay a little more if it is made in the United States vs. China provided of course that the quality is better. I want to give more of money to small businesses instead of giving it to Target, Wal Mart, etc. Not everything made in China is cheap crap, I understand that. Though a lot of it is and I am trying to avoid it. My Mac mini is made there though that's unavoidable, as is my Vizio...
Yeah the only use I even see for an iPad is for my cousin who is getting married to her boyfriend next year. Otherwise I don't care.
And I don't want to be in a piss poor mood but I say there should be some equality.
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