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http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/29019-mac-mini-supply-dries-up Specifically this part "Apple last updated the Mac mini in July of 2011, adding support for the high-speed Thunderbolt port while ditching the built-in optical disc drive that had been found on previous models. But an updated Mac mini was not listed by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo among the eight new products Apple is rumoured to launch this autumn. With supply already running out, it could be that the Mac Mini is...
For those looking forward to Haswell, I can't wait for it myself though let me first enjoy winter.
I sure hope this is true!
I might be looking into getting an iMac either from last year or this year if this discrete mini graphics aren't sufficient. Since my topic in current Mac hardware went unanswered, I'll ask in here. How good is the 6750M with 512 MB compared to the 6770M with 512 MB compared to the 6970M with 1 GB? I want to play Gauntlet flawlessly and I am not sure if a GT 640M will cut it if they only put in 256 MB or even 512 MB?
That's fine. It doesn't have to be the mini, though I want something that can sit on my desk similar to the mini and plug into a separate monitor. I don't want the Mac line-up to be Air, retina Pro, and iMac (since we don't know what the Pro will be).
I have come forward to both reading and posting in this thread every day. This thread is almost as big as the Mini itself. Has anyone read the article on Anandtech about Haswell? http://www.anandtech.com/show/6355/intels-haswell-architecture
It won't be cool enough for me until we get a processor that operates at about 10°C or less.
All I want is for them to update it. I like when Apple holds press conferences but not for iDevices.
Hopefully yes to all of these. They need to move it! Go for the iPad in November please.
I'm dreaming about a computer. *laughs* I feel that's a bit pathetic for me.
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