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Got it. That would make total sense.
And I would take it vinyl was better quality than cassette and CD? What about FLAC?
Haswell is supposed to arrive in March-June. Ivy Bridge was delayed. The CPU should be 10% faster and most of the improvement coming to the GPU. - I would love March but I wouldn't expect it so soon. I would expect it closer to the summer. Ivy Bridge has 16EUs, Haswell GT3 has 40 and each will be faster at the same clock speed. The bad news is they are going to lower the clock speeds from 1.2GHz to...
mfryd - Your predictions are a bit wild but interesting. I love me some wild predictions and we shall see what happens whether you are dead on accurate or off by miles.
I love when Schiller does the keynotes because he announces the specs and I'm a specs freak. Yeah yeah you can't compare to Jobs but Jobs is gone. I have a ton of respect for what Jobs did though he is gone. I said this before but the keynote was done to perfection. You have Cook announcing the sales figures blah blah blah super excited and astounded by the millions and billions of whatever and then to Schiller for the processor, SSD, graphics, all the good stuff. And you...
Oh duh! I saw Mac mini 6,2 and then i7-3770K and had to do a double take.
I want to be able to game on the Mac mini at least a little bit although I do a lot on emulation which the Intel HD 3000 on last year's model does just fine on. I wanted to play Diablo III but it did not run well on the integrated graphics. The Radeon HD 6630M apparently ran it okay but the game has been marred by bugs and glitches. I miss the old days when I could play Diablo and Diablo II offline and by myself. I think only Duke Nukem Forever was a bigger disappointment...
Huh? I see the i7-3770K listed next to the Mac mini? Say what?
Whatever happens with the Mac Pro, mini, and iMac in the near future is anyone's guess though I feel I won't be disappointed no matter what the result is. It's about evolution. Edit: This is not a good thought process to have though. http://fudzilla.com/home/item/29247-arm-is-just-another-transmeta-claims-intel
So what GPU could have been used for it that would have done the trick.Yeah I got lucky. I had to refresh several times as either the quality dropped from HD or it froze a bit but it went pretty well and beat having to follow the text on a site. Soon after my nap, I got up checked the Apple Store and saw the updated specs. Made my day.
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