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16 GB for $300 is still ridiculous though ah well. I am surprised there is not even another HDD option on the base model. Oh well.
All right, well I don't want to get into semantics as much as I want to get into the core, so let me ask this. Is the current line-up the future of the mini? One dual-core, two quad-cores (with one being a server). Do we ever see discrete graphics again? Next year or the year after and is it even necessary? I admit, I liked the quad-core option though I'm not sure how the GeForce 640M LE can play games and at decent speeds (the vizio all in one has the LE). Could they put...
I can never be too sure with Apple.
I had to do this : P though I am not sure if it is allowed. I don't think anyone will mind since I'm only half joking. First off, I hope there is a Haswell Mac mini. I hope the Ivy Bridge models sell well so there can be. I didn't expect a quad core processor in anything but the server as standard though there were no discrete graphics which is a shame. Nonetheless hopefully we possibly move into a quad core at the $599 spot (pipe dream) and bring back discrete graphics...
F... that. Let them fly and get people excited. Intel makes the processors,, nVidia (for the time being) makes the graphics, etc. nothing is a true shock.Put out a great product and it will sell. Leaks or not.
I'm glad things are staying the way they are for now. When I heard Intel used cheap adhesive on the desktop IB processors instead of fluxless solder, I was a bit annoyed. I wonder how Apple dealt with it for the iMacs.
You cannot begin to believe how psyched I am for this and I may not even buy anything though I am just psyched for the update itself. After that, the countdown begins for Haswell and the 2013 Mac mini of which I am equally if not more psyched. Apple releasing products makes me feel like a kid on Christmas.
What would you guys prefer at the conference? A silent update or a good sized portion of the conference to announce the specs? Do people care as much about it as the iPad mini, iMac, and 13" retina? I would like them to though I think it's going to take a major overhaul that Apple doesn't feel is necessary for the MM.
I'm a big proponent of buying American though Steve Jobs was right, some jobs probably are not going to come back at this point. I can't say forever, though for the forseeable future. Lately I have been trying to buy whatever I can American though mostly clothes and soon housewares. I would love for my Mac mini to be made by American workers from aluminum in America (or whatever raw materials are used) though also Intel, Samsung, Hynix, nVidia, and AMD might not have...
Ever since I bought a Mac mini, I am no longer interested in laptops. While the rMBP is awesome, I far prefer my separation of monitors and computers themselves. Make or break on this one will be video memory on the discrete model. Otherwise I am fine with the Sandy Bridge model and Samsung 470. I might get a cheap gaming PC but I'm not sure.
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