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No. I do hope by next year, the 13" cMBP will be completely gone and I am not too keen on the 11" MBA. Some people could make the argument about the Mac mini to which I say, limit it to 1 model.
I want my soup can Mac mini with four USB 3.0 ports maybe a 3.1, at least 1 TB2 port maybe 2, PCIe flash storage, 8 GB RAM minimum but 16 GB is better, and Iris graphics. $699
I was being sarcastic in regards to marv's post because if he has reliable sources about the mini, I had lunch with Phil Schiller this evening. What I mean is, suppose Apple released a quad-core mini with the i7-4702HQ or MQ with the Intel HD 4600 graphics, how much better would that be over the Intel HD 3000 in my i5-2410M (or maybe it's i5-2415M)?
Oh I completely believe you.---Anyway, it might be better for me to look ahead to next year. Again it's a matter of want vs. need. If I had bought a mini back in 2010 and was using a Core 2 Duo then the 2012 quad-core mini would be perfect. Any quad-core Haswell is a nice jump over Sandy Bridge, right? Dual-core I don't know.
I personally feel there should at the very least be some rumors about the mini. Is it that much the red-headed stepchild of the Mac lineup? I seemingly hear everything else. An 11" MacBook, a 12", a 13", a 14", a 15", a 16", an iPad with 1/3 of a millimeter shaved off called the iPad Super Air. I mean I love that the Mac Pro is being focused on and I love that is being assembled in the USA. I'd like to see the mini go in that same direction with a unique design and also...
If worse comes to worse, and they do move it to next year I will be expecting a new mini as soon as possible when Broadwell comes out.
Get 8 GB of memory minimum. Iris takes 1 GB of memory for the graphics. I do not disagree with doubling the storage to 512 GB though.
How does the cooling system in the Razer Blade/Pro compare to the retina MacBook Pro, mainly the 15"?
One important difference though Marvin and this is probably a factor. Looking at the Razer Blade/Blade Pro (which has the 765M), it is equipped with the Intel HD 4600 as opposed to the Iris Pro 5200. Specifically the 14" Razer Blade uses the i7-4700HQ which is a 37W processor.
I think the MacBook was slimmed down to show that they were not going to have the DVD drive anymore. Could they have done this without slimming it down? Yes of course. I certainly hope this is the last time though that they slim it down for several years. Thinner is not necessarily better.
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