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Would using an i7 with Iris Pro undercut the sales of the 21.5" iMac with Iris Pro? Probably. Would it have made more sense to offer an i7 with HD4600?
I think it's the same as the 13" retina MacBook Pro.
I definitely don't agree with the decision on 4 GB for the base model. 4 GB was too low for Lion let alone Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and now Yosemite. 8 GB to me is the minimum and 16 GB is recommended.
Only the $499 model has HD 5000. The $699 and $999 models has Iris 5100.
Many people have told me that Iris Pro would have made the mini too hot if they tried to put it in there.
How is the M295X?
Who are you asking?
I actually was very happy with the announcement. I am mildly disappointed that SSDs are not standard but oh well. I will definitely be buying one.
No refurbished Mac minis so I shall remain optimistic.
When was it? 2010 was Apple's "Back to the Mac" event? It seems like October is THE month for products that matter? 2012 Mac mini? October. 2010 MacBook Air with SSD? October. Unibody MBP? October.
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