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Way to get me excited Let's go Apple.
Is there even an OS X Mavericks Server out there for other Macs? If not, there should only be two Mac minis when it is finally released.
I have my jacket and now I'm getting anxious again. I guess I'll need to fixate onto something else if Apple doesn't hurry up.
Okay now it all makes sense. Again, my mistake.
You're going to have to pay a premium if you want the privilege of upgrading your own RAM which if they make prices too high, you might as well buy the Pro. : P
Ah my bad, I mistakenly stated the obvious. I meant someone in the interview brought it up and mentioned it to Cook or maybe Cook mentioned it because it was topical.
Now that could be possible. Oh I just thought of something (and maybe it's because I'm still wearing my tinfoil hat), maybe with the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, which was released in 1984, maybe someone drew the conclusion of how the NSA is similar to Orwell's 1984.The interview was definitely not just a product focus though.
I don't support what the NSA is doing because I don't think at the end of the day it helps us as citizens however I see Edward Snowden as more of a hero than I do Tim Cook. Snowden knew what was being done was wrong and so he sacrificed a lot to stand up for what was right. I feel like Cook is getting involved with something he shouldn't be getting involved in. Just stick with keeping Apple a good company that makes good products.
No however Apple is a big corporation so who are they fighting for? The people? The so-called "little guy"? Are they themselves worried that they're being listened to and that maybe their secrets are at risk and it affects their bottom line? Are they worried they might be breaking the law and don't want any secret conversations recorded?I don't buy that Cook is doing this without an ulterior motive. Your move.
The irony of this is Apple is asking for more transparency when they themselves as a company build themselves off of secrecy.
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