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First off, welcome back TS. Second of all, I feel the base model iMac IS the budget model though it is priced too high. They should have dropped it down to $1,199 if they were going with Iris Pro. I guess the budget model which maybe will start at $999 will have the successor to Iris, the next model up with succeed Iris Pro, and then it will go 850M, 860M, 875M and 880M. I would think the 880M has 4 GB of memory and everything else has at least 2 GB.
No. I do hope by next year, the 13" cMBP will be completely gone and I am not too keen on the 11" MBA. Some people could make the argument about the Mac mini to which I say, limit it to 1 model.
I want my soup can Mac mini with four USB 3.0 ports maybe a 3.1, at least 1 TB2 port maybe 2, PCIe flash storage, 8 GB RAM minimum but 16 GB is better, and Iris graphics. $699
I was being sarcastic in regards to marv's post because if he has reliable sources about the mini, I had lunch with Phil Schiller this evening. What I mean is, suppose Apple released a quad-core mini with the i7-4702HQ or MQ with the Intel HD 4600 graphics, how much better would that be over the Intel HD 3000 in my i5-2410M (or maybe it's i5-2415M)?
Oh I completely believe you.---Anyway, it might be better for me to look ahead to next year. Again it's a matter of want vs. need. If I had bought a mini back in 2010 and was using a Core 2 Duo then the 2012 quad-core mini would be perfect. Any quad-core Haswell is a nice jump over Sandy Bridge, right? Dual-core I don't know.
I personally feel there should at the very least be some rumors about the mini. Is it that much the red-headed stepchild of the Mac lineup? I seemingly hear everything else. An 11" MacBook, a 12", a 13", a 14", a 15", a 16", an iPad with 1/3 of a millimeter shaved off called the iPad Super Air. I mean I love that the Mac Pro is being focused on and I love that is being assembled in the USA. I'd like to see the mini go in that same direction with a unique design and also...
If worse comes to worse, and they do move it to next year I will be expecting a new mini as soon as possible when Broadwell comes out.
Get 8 GB of memory minimum. Iris takes 1 GB of memory for the graphics. I do not disagree with doubling the storage to 512 GB though.
How does the cooling system in the Razer Blade/Pro compare to the retina MacBook Pro, mainly the 15"?
One important difference though Marvin and this is probably a factor. Looking at the Razer Blade/Blade Pro (which has the 765M), it is equipped with the Intel HD 4600 as opposed to the Iris Pro 5200. Specifically the 14" Razer Blade uses the i7-4700HQ which is a 37W processor.
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