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I'm now even more hungry for a mini for 2014 or whatever they replace it with if they replace it. Right now after some thought, I can do without it because I need clothes more. Looking to pick up some hooded sweatshirts and a Carhartt jacket among other things.
No silent mini update which is unfortunate but hopefully we'll see something in 2014.
I think it's all about money. I'll reiterate that point. In the 80s, money was no object.Edit: Oh and by the way, if I had the money, I would by the best money can buy.
That's incredible when you think about it. You really tricked out your system. Things are so cheap these days because the dollar has shrunk in value over the decades. It no longer means as much as it used to.Also maybe on Thursday they silently update the Mac mini : D
Don't you know it!
One simple mini is all I want. They can continue to treat it as last in line in my view but continue to update it. Let me use my own damn monitor if I choose. Let people fully customize it. I said this before. Either dual core i5 (default) or quad-core i7 (BTO), 8 GB of memory, 256 GB SSD.
Stuff is made everywhere as part of the global economy however I would say China worries me as well as Pakistan. India might be on that list as well. There's also Mexico and Bangladesh. Something has to give with all the clothing factory fires/collapses over there.
I am all about American manufacturing. I am worried about China because too many companies farm out their things to be made there on the cheap and we as Americans buy their crap.
I am saying you posted multiple times and made many points before I could respond. Apple to me for the prices they charge should be a step above other companies and even the small percentage on boards like this should be perfectly satisfied with the computers they buy with their hard earned dollars and not having to return things because of yellow screens and the like.
You've been throwing punches at me in a corner there wizard so let me respond with this. This is not Dell, this is Apple although Dell makes good monitors.
New Posts  All Forums: