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With a Haswell refresh, the same graphics would still be used (4600, 5100 and 5200) even on new processors correct? The i5-4258U would be fine for me but I would prefer the i7-4558U even though both are dual core.
Personally I am happy with running Lion 10.7.5 however if Mavericks is completely stable for a 2011 Mac mini, I'd be willing to upgrade. Honestly though, I'd rather wait until a new mini comes out and already has the most stable Mavericks version on it. Thoughts?
I need a new mini at some point so a Haswell refresh will work for me but I thought that was only for desktops not mobile. Is there a new roadmap? I'll have to look that up.
With Intel delaying Broadwell, what does this mean for the future?
I try and avoid companies (within limits) that trade US jobs for overseas profits. Computers and TVs I can't really avoid.Getting back more on topic, has there been anything on the new mini or has news died down?
I bought a Nintendo 2DS and it was made in China. Nintendo products used to be made in Japan although I have learned from people that at one time post World War II, Japan was basically the China of today (minus the unhealthy food they shipped) in terms of appliances.
I 100% agree and maybe Apple will change that in the future as wages rise in China.
You're right although while I am a huge proponent of buying American whenever possible, I realize that not everything can be made in America and that yes many things will still be made in China.
I like everything except the 500 GB HDD. I would rather have just Iris graphics and 128 GB of SSD storage as opposed to Iris Pro and a hard drive.
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