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I 100% agree and maybe Apple will change that in the future as wages rise in China.
You're right although while I am a huge proponent of buying American whenever possible, I realize that not everything can be made in America and that yes many things will still be made in China.
I like everything except the 500 GB HDD. I would rather have just Iris graphics and 128 GB of SSD storage as opposed to Iris Pro and a hard drive.
How much of a jump is a dual core HD 4000 to a dual core HD 4600? Same question for a quad core? Now how much of a jump is a dual core HD 4000 to the Iris 5100? And how much is a quad core HD 4000 to an Iris Pro 5200? The answers to these would determine in my mind whether Apple is waiting for Broadwell.
Way to get me excited Let's go Apple.
Is there even an OS X Mavericks Server out there for other Macs? If not, there should only be two Mac minis when it is finally released.
I have my jacket and now I'm getting anxious again. I guess I'll need to fixate onto something else if Apple doesn't hurry up.
Okay now it all makes sense. Again, my mistake.
You're going to have to pay a premium if you want the privilege of upgrading your own RAM which if they make prices too high, you might as well buy the Pro. : P
Ah my bad, I mistakenly stated the obvious. I meant someone in the interview brought it up and mentioned it to Cook or maybe Cook mentioned it because it was topical.
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