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I don't game too much honestly except for MAME and I got Gauntlet Dark Legacy to run just fine and finally completed it.
I mentioned this before in another way but have you ever had to wait so long for something you just sort of lose interest in it? That's kind of the way I feel. The biggest advantage I would expect on a new prospective mini would be the PCIe SSD followed by the graphics. Realistically, I am not sure how much of a speed jump it would be on the processor front from Sandy Bridge to Haswell. Maybe someone can answer that.I would most likely buy a dual core Haswell with Iris...
See that's what sucks. I want something decent but I don't need something that's too powerful for my needs. Owning a Mac Pro for example would be awesome IF I could get all the use of it. I don't want to use a Mac Pro just for internet browsing and playing games.
Is it the ThinkCentre M93p Tiny Desktop? It seems pretty good. I can get up to 16 GB of memory and a 180 GB SSD SATA III.
Is anyone making an alternative? Didn't Samsung have a similar looking device?
I just hope it comes out before Apple announces the next version of OS X so we don't get an update to the 2012 Minis with that new version.
Since we're almost at the end of the first quarter of 2014, perhaps we should start a new thread. With it, I want it to be a pure Mac mini thread. I couldn't care less about the iMac since it is not yet forgotten about.
The Air will probably merge into the Pro eventually I think because of the quality of the rMBP.
But shouldn't Apple continue to use mobile processors in the mini and not use desktop or would that be wrong?
With a Haswell refresh, the same graphics would still be used (4600, 5100 and 5200) even on new processors correct? The i5-4258U would be fine for me but I would prefer the i7-4558U even though both are dual core.
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