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Oh no doubt but I don't want the HD 4600 in the machine I buy to replace my current mini. I asked this before but how much of an upgrade is there between the HD 3000 and the HD 4600, the 3000 and Iris 5100, and the HD 4600 and Iris 5100. Isn't there a decent difference between the 4600 and 5100?
That's why I feel it's Iris or nothing as far as dual cores go.
I don't need bells or whistles you know although maybe Apple considers a PCIe SSD for the mini to be one of those two things. I am happy that the Mac Pro got an update.
Just give us god damn something. Stop with all iCrap for just five seconds and put some focus into something else. Haswell came out last year so the minis should have gotten an update. Simple as that, no excuses. Instead we get the iPad Air and the iPhone 5C.
Not if it's a quiet refresh.
So wait... I thought the 800M series was Maxwell, no? Anyway it looks like as you go up, the performance percentage decreases from last year though having said that, it is a good thing for the lower models.
So apparently the 880M isn't all that impressive although it is somewhat more power efficient. I thought the wait to Maxwell was going to be fairly decent but I guess I was wrong.
What's the rush? Because newer is better! I'm guessing if they use nVidia on the rMBP, it'll be the 850M. I take it that should be powerful enough to handle 4K.
Thank you to whomever did that. I will make one more iMac note though. I didn't think much about the first three months of this year probably because of all the snow we've had in NJ. I just remembered last night that nVidia was supposed to release their Maxwell series of cards around this time. Eagerly checking nVidia's website, I saw that they did indeed have information on Maxwell as well as upcoming notebooks with the graphics in them. It would appear that the 880M...
Two questions. 1. Is there any upcoming Mac keynotes coming up where a mini could possibly be announced or be updated quietly with other products? 2. Can a mod change the title to 2014 Mac mini Wishlist (take out the iMac part)
New Posts  All Forums: