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Stuff is made everywhere as part of the global economy however I would say China worries me as well as Pakistan. India might be on that list as well. There's also Mexico and Bangladesh. Something has to give with all the clothing factory fires/collapses over there.
I am all about American manufacturing. I am worried about China because too many companies farm out their things to be made there on the cheap and we as Americans buy their crap.
I am saying you posted multiple times and made many points before I could respond. Apple to me for the prices they charge should be a step above other companies and even the small percentage on boards like this should be perfectly satisfied with the computers they buy with their hard earned dollars and not having to return things because of yellow screens and the like.
You've been throwing punches at me in a corner there wizard so let me respond with this. This is not Dell, this is Apple although Dell makes good monitors.
Apple's walled garden kind of makes it that way though, hmm. They have soldered RAM and PCIe SSDs that really aren't user replaceable in the same way I took out the HDD from my Mac mini and slid in a Samsung 470 SSD. You kind of have to go to Apple with a problem.
Very interesting. Now Hitachi was completely bought out by somebody, no? I think their HDD division was bought out by Western Digital. That's an interesting lesson about Hitachi and Mitsubishi. I remember when Mitsubishi made TVs back in the day. I do put a lot of blame on Apple. I feel like they're letting themselves go of course it could be also that some of my disappointment lies in no Mac mini and I'm looking for things to pick at.
If I recall correctly, I believe it is just for the 128 GB models. 256 and up use Samsung. Maybe it's just me but every time I turn around, I see people having issues with yellow tint on their MacBooks or iMacs. I have a Vizio HDTV and I noticed as of late there are burn-in issues (not sure who made the panel be it Vizio themselves or someone else), but to a premium computer company like Apple the displays especially on the 15" rMBP should be flawless. You should not have...
I hope at least next year the iMac comes standard with PCIe SSDs, the fact that they came with 5,400rpm HDDs is atrocious.
At Apple's price tag, the issues with LG displays and Sandisk SSDs aren't acceptable in my view. Who besides Samsung can be used as alternatives?
Again, what are my alternatives if Apple eventually kills off the Mac mini for an HTPC to plug into either my HDTV or a separate monitor? I'd say the biggest downside is not the price of the Pro so much but the amount of storage it has at that price. Only 256 GB? It should be at least 512 GB or even 1 TB. The only thing worse is the paltry 128 GB SSD and 4 GB of memory in the $1,299 base retina MacBook Pro or that they're still selling the other non-retina MBP without a...
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