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Do you think Apple will use AMD in any of their upcoming computers or is it a full nVidia switch for the near future?
I think things need to be switched up anyway. I don't want only nVidia to be making chips nor do I just want AMD to make chips. I want whoever makes the best chips for the time. You make a good point about "competitive rate" though.
If I had to venture a guess, I think it's all money. I am willing to bet that nVidia paid Apple a sizable sum for them to use their graphics cards.
Ah I thought Southern Islands was a mobile line? It isn't?
So you are looking at four RAM slots vs. two and as far as the GPU we are looking at the 7750, 7770, 7850, and 7870 mobile versions right similar to the iMac
I don't know where to continue this debate so let's put up a hypothetical situation (the key word is hypothetical now) for the next mini or a new entry level machine (preferably a headless desktop). I want to know piece by piece what you, wizard, put in this thing and price it at? Do you make one model with a lot of BTO options or more than one model with fewer options?
I don't want to quote wizard's entire post though with regards to the Rev. C mini (released in August 2007 thus the current one at the time when he bought his MacBook Pro) was abhorrent. The Rev. D one released in March 2009 wasn't much better although at least it had the GeForce 9400M instead of the Intel GMA 950. Fast forward to 2010 and the unibody mini is released. We're getting better with easily changeable RAM (now up to 8 GB) though we still have a C2D processor...
"Cracking your code" as in what exactly do you want from the mini with regards to specs, cost, and how Apple can implement that.
Fair enough. I'm just trying to crack wizard's code (I don't have a lot going on with my life right now so you have to cut me some slack).Let's not go crazy for a second and let's hone in on the current design right now.What would YOU do (and this goes out to anyone and not just wizard) for the cost in terms of specs?
My mistake. I meant the base model Mini having the same as the early 13" MBP.
New Posts  All Forums: