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I see this as a good thing if true. Competition is always good for the free market. I wish there was more sometimes.
Digitimes could say the next line of Macs could help you learn to fly. Literally, as soon as you start typing on one, you will learn to fly. Add a high quality photoshopped picture of Jony Ive with wings and it will make my day because it will be more interesting than probably about 75% of the mainstream media headlines that day.
It's always an exciting time when new Apple products get released and since similar stories have proven to be true, I hope this one proves true as well. I always like updated products even if the updates are not massive ones.
The Mac Pro could be dead making way for a differently named workstation that is perhaps smaller and lighter.
Looking at the base model of the iMac now, I hope they definitely add an SSD option either with the HDD or by itself.
Ah I was a bit worried for a moment. Heh.
My mistake in having you guess. I meant to ask "What current $1,200 PCs will completely outshine the next Mac Pro in your estimation?"
The models and their respective brands.
Which ones in particular? I'm just curious.
There should be a podcast debate as to why Apple should or should not drop the optical drive. I would be very interested in hearing both sides.
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