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Specifications speak for themselves. If specifications do not deliver, it doesn't really matter who delivers the keynote whether it's Scott, Bob, Tim, Jony, the 1998 Denver Broncos, and so forth.
Personally, having SSD as the standard option and SSD + HDD as the second would make much more sense. Now the question remains what card will be used by nVidia.
As Steve taught us when he came back and unveiled the quadrant "Less is more."
Is this the same guy who said the 17" MBP was going away? I'm skeptical.
If it is not a fake though the picture raises some red flags, perhaps it is a prototype of the packaging and the errors will be included (i.e. showing the amount of shared RAM with the integrated graphics)
Just give me a MacBook Pro update and I will be happy. I may have said this before here or perhaps I mentioned it on another site. I don't want Apple to go the way that E3 did for me.   E3 used to introduce the latest games that people actually wanted and in the past few years has been terrible aside from a few things. I get that some people are interested in iOS 6 and ML and I want to see stuff on that too even though I don't own an iPhone (yet) and probably won't...
I am curious. What is an example of a good PC workstation that is not a mess internally? The new ones from Dell? Ones from HP? Another brand?
Ugh that's a fear of mine, having WWDC become the next E3. You're waiting for the next amazing game from Nintendo and they end up revealing Wii Fit 12.
I am probably getting way ahead of myself as 16 GB DDR3 SODIMM chips (or shall we say DDR4 since that's most likely when they'll be most prevalent) are not even out yet. And we're not even going to begin talking about 32 GB : P
For me I just want to support jobs in my own country. If I lived in Canada, I'd want to support Canadian jobs. Ireland, Norway, Sweden, etc.   It's not everything that I want to be made here though I am sick of buying everything from clothes to electronics and seeing "Made in China."
New Posts  All Forums: