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Could it possibly cause heating issues or no?   http://vr-zone.com/articles/ivy-bridge-proven-to-suffer-from-poor-thermal-grease/15844.html
How will the application of poor thermal paste on Ivy Bridge affect the new Macs?
Yeah Dell doesn't even have the configuration options up for their new workstations yet. I at least like messing around with the configurations for fun.
It would be nice to see a quad-core/discrete graphics mini for $999.
Maybe it's just me though I am not a fan of Sandforce. Many SSD companies who use it seem to have problems except maybe for Intel. (OCZ, OWC, etc.)
As much as I have loved the unibody MacBook ever since its introduction, I never bought one. I only just bought a Mac mini, and I the idea of portability though I prefer keeping my computers at home.   It'll be interesting to see what the future holds.
I am still very happy with my Mini though by the time Haswell comes out, I will be buying a new one. I want to play Diablo III though I don't think IB will be good enough. I could get an iMac but I would need to make room for it with my TV.
I called it on the nose. Digitimes. I was not disappointed.   It will be interesting to see if this turns out to be true.
May I join in on the chess match between you two?   Ivy Bridge is on the road to something special though Haswell will define the 22nm process. Broadwell will set up the road for the 15nm process and it's successor will refine that.   I have to wonder though if Intel and Apple will remain or if Apple will look for the next transition. 
So maybe wait until Haswell or Broadwell to see a significant drop? (not that I will though I'm curious on an opinion)
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