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Would they really put a 650M into the 13" rMBP? 512 MB maybe for 2560x1600?
I sure hope not, because I'm afraid my fascination with Apple will end. Tis a shame.
The retina MBP commercial was just fine. Show the product you're trying to sell instead of trying to be goofy and hip. I wish other companies would do this more often. Less McDonalds, Taco Bell, Coca Cola, and more commercials for stuff like the HP Envy.
I guess I admit I'm being impatient. It's probably because I don't have a whole lot going on in my life right thus I'm clamoring just to see an update so I can say "Oh cool that's what is in it and those are the options." Not to mention the lawsuit garbage with Samsung just pisses me off because it's almost like tabloid trash to me at the grocery store. I get that sites are obligated to report on it but is anyone actually interested in the day to day developments of he...
That's part of what is making me grow some disdain for Apple. It would be nice for them to drop just a few vague hints every once in a while. To go to Apple.com and have them say "We have something cool planned for the fall for our Mac line. Stay tuned."
Thankfully there's smcfancontrol, right? *laughs*
Yeah it's probably going to take 5-10 years but I'd love to see it.
70-80 degrees Fahrenheit idle, 100 degrees under heavy load.
I am going to throw this curveball into the equation (and I'm sure Intel is working on it) but how long will it take for a Pro level desktop to be developed that runs fairly cool?
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