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I had an HP mini 210 netbook and while the 11" MacBook Air mops the floor with it, I feel 11" is too small a screen for a notebook. 13" should be the minimum and you have to wonder if at some point, the 13" Air will become the entry level model at $999, followed by the 13" retina, and 15" retina.
Something must be on the way because Apple closed above 600 dollars a share today for the first time in several weeks.
I love the ideas for Best Buy except for one problem and that is that they make sense. Things aren't allowed to make sense in big business : P
Unless the 2012 mini is really off the charts, I doubt I will be upgrading. Much better to wait for Haswell. That said I still want to see what Apple has in store. Edit: Hey what about the GeForce 640M LE? How much lower of a card is that compared to the regular 640M?
If they do not switch to flash memory modules in the near future, I would like to see the mini feature the HDD on top with a SATA port similar to the one the MacBook Pro has. That way you can easy just undo the top, pop out the memory, pop out the HDD for an SSD and pop the lid back on. I'm asking for too much though : P
I sent an e-mail to Tim Cook (or his secretary) asking if I can expect good things from the Mac mini as with the Mac Pro. It will interesting (although highly unlikely) to see if I get a response.
Forgive me for being selfish though I think it is just too perfect of a product. I like the looks of it and I like the specs of it sans the graphics but yet the Intel HD 3000 hasn't caused me issues except for D3. I know it's hard to predict the tech market but I just don't think the headless computer could ever go away do you? Edit: At least in the next several years.
I can guarantee the next mini will have 4 GB of memory minimum. The server might even have a BTO option for 16 GB option.
Well being that they built in an HDMI port in all of the minis for HDTV hookup and showed that on their website as well as how to add memory, those are two things that they have going for it. Also yes, I was sending a wake-up call : P
This topic hasn't had a post in a few days so allow me to ask. The mini is the least expensive Mac you can buy so why does are sales for it pretty bad. Is $599 still too high a price point for the specs it offers on the base model?
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