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This topic hasn't had a post in a few days so allow me to ask. The mini is the least expensive Mac you can buy so why does are sales for it pretty bad. Is $599 still too high a price point for the specs it offers on the base model?
Yes it can handle an SSD. I would recommend the Intel 320, Crucial m4, or Samsung 830.
For clarification, yes, I meant a 640M with 1 GB in the next Mini. I don't expect a replacement for it myself.
Mine runs pretty quiet though I guess it's only because I use it for light use.
When I first saw this topic, I thought of NeXT. Anyway, I have to wonder how the sales of the 15" MBP are. If the retina MBP sales are great, will the standard 15" be the next to be sliced. Quad-core processors and a good graphics card with 1 GB or even 2 GB standard.
Lion can barely run on 2 GB. Mountain Lion I'd imagine would do even worse.
I agree with you. Now what might we be looking at? A 640M with 1 GB of GDDR5? 630M?
Actually no, not really. Diablo III was really the only game I had semi interest in. I feel if I want something to play a game on at max settings than I will just buy a gaming PC. Part of the reason why I moved to Mac was just to get a break from Windows.I am looking to try and get better with certain things (such as video editing, which I am guessing something you would include as examples that can take advantage of more video RAM) and I am curious about these programs...
All right so let's say we have 1 GB of video memory on a card. Would 1 GB of memory have had sense on the AMD Radeon 6630M? My friend and I had a discussion about whether some OEMs add too much memory to mediocre cards.
Discrete is not a requirement for me though I agree with those that feel it should be important.
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