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I think you misread my post. The issues with Diablo III are a result of Blizzard's incompetence though not with Apple, Intel, or AMD. Here are some examples:http://vr-zone.com/articles/south-korea-forces-blizzard-to-refund-diablo-iii-players/16367.htmlhttp://vr-zone.com/articles/latest-diablo-iii-patch-stops-players-from-earning-xp/16349.htmlhttp://vr-zone.com/articles/blizzard-denies-diablo-iii-security-issues-promises-patch/16024.htmlFor a game that was so anticipated,...
The problems with Diablo III have not been because of Apple, Intel, or AMD though because of Blizzard.   Edit: I forgot to add that I would love to see the 35W quad core with the discrete graphics and also that yes I do commend Intel for the HD 4000 upgrade.
Just go for the Ivy Bridge desktop processors, decent graphics, and SATA III SSDs.
If Apple knows what is good for them, they will not follow some of the same business practices that Nintendo has. Nintendo alienated their biggest fans by trying to appeal to casual gamers with these singing and dancing fluff games. I don't think Apple is dumb enough to alienate the pro market. Call me a dumb optimist.
  The most recent story was from April =/
The last model did have a 45W processor (i7-2635QM) though because it is available to them, couldn't you see a 35W processor by default to play it safe or no?   Originally when I bought my 2011 Mini (and I believe I mentioned this before) I had wondered if I should get the discrete model in order to play Diablo III. I am now glad I didn't pick it up as it would have been a waste. Diablo III has seen so many problems that it's not even funny.   From what I hear,...
Base model i5-3210M/2.5 GHz or i5-3320M/2.6 GHz - $599 Mid range model i5-3360M/2.8 GHz - $699 or $799 (CTO i7-3520M/2.9 GHz) Server model i7-3612QM/2.1 GHz - $999 (I can see Apple doing a 35W quad core possibly, no?) They could also use the i7-3615QM, i7-3720QM, or i7-3820QM.
I actually think that the base mini was a good deal for $599 for a Mac anyway. I did not feel the 2010 base mini was a good deal since it was still using a Core 2 Duo at $100 more.
I was actually considering sending it to OWC to have them do it for me though I eventually worked up enough confidence to do it myself and figured "Well, if I do this and it breaks than it's my own damn fault." This is not often seen with people. People try the same thing and then they break it and believe Apple should give them a brand new machine because "I'm the damn customer!"   I believe in the near future that probably in 2013 or 2014 the mini will be using...
I get that Apple is responsible for design though who is responsible for putting all the components together?   Frankly I really didn't want to take out the HDD and put in the SSD though A. I really wanted a fast machine (of which a 5,400rpm hard drive is not part of in my view) and B. I wasn't going to pay Apple $600 for their SSD on top of $200 I would have had to pay for getting the discrete model mini.   I had also read stories of people trying to do simple...
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