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I'm guessing you mean the Air compared to the Retina Pro. That's a good question. Maybe because the Air is more of a light notebook and more is expected out of a pro notebook, you know?
Oh definitely I had a computer in between those times. I originally had a Gateway desktop when a then friend in an IRC channel mentioned about wanting a MacBook. I looked at the white and black plastic MacBooks and saw nothing special. I don't remember looking at the MacBook Pros then (which was probably a good thing since I avoided the GeForce 8600M fiasco) though I may have at least seen the price as being out of my league. I never considered a mini at this point.I then...
I definitely don't want RAM soldered to the motherboard although I unfortunately see Apple going in that direction even the mini down the line.
You and me both! I can't stand going on news sites and just seeing news on the newest iPhone.
The percentages make sense. The unibody MacBook was going to be my first Mac back in 2008. I wanted the one with the backlit keyboard but couldn't afford the $1,599 cost. Over time I waited and settled for a $599 mini about 3 years later.
I mean it would be interesting change though I see them using just what's in the 13" MBPs and base model 15" MBP. Not sure what's on the horizon for Haswell and Rockwell.
Has Apple ever used a desktop processor in the Mini? Would they ever make a radical change like this going from a mobile to desktop processor?
i7's across the board would be great although it might increase cost. If they do it for at least 2 out of 3 models, that would work. The one in the 2012 13" MBP and then the 3612QM in the server. Also I'm fine with AMD or nVidia. I have no preference other than quality discrete graphics and both companies have cards than can be used so who knows.
I would love to see them put in the full 640M, although I think the LE is more likely knowing Apple. I'd love to be wrong though.
If not within the next week than possibly sometime in August. Either way, I cannot see them not releasing a mini at all in 2012.
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