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That's fair unless he wants to play Diablo 3.
You should be fine. Just install proper anti-spyware and virus protection as you would on a PC.
I am all for different opinions though I just cannot grasp the idea of still including an optical drive. My friend and I had a bit of a debate about this and he brought up that some don't like to carry around a USB DVD drive. I said it was fair though Apple needs to move onward and not stay in neutral. Soon optical media in general will become a thing of the past. Blu Ray players can already be picked up on the cheap and have been for quite some time. Content is all...
Pros will be delighted with their new disposable products? This poses a different question. How does Apple handle on the oncoming flood of e-waste?
I might want better screen resolution though for now I am happy. Thunderbolt is here to stay for a while as well.I am tempted however I do not have a need for one at this time.
My fault, I should have also included the following question. Will I have to switch to Thunderbolt anytime soon and buy an Apple monitor do you think? Is HDMI kind of dead in the water?
http://i41.tinypic.com/1491u6a.jpg <--- Here is the Butterfish courtesy of Wikipedia. Now here is the question and this mainly goes to TS and wizard. It's a bit off topic though I think I can ask it here. Assuming Apple keeps the mini for the foreseeable future and I hope they do... how long will they keep the HDMI port or better yet, how long should they? Haswell? Rockwell? Beyond? Even though I love the MacBook Pro. Ever since going from my netbook to the mini, I love...
Could they go with a low to medium end discrete graphics card that wouldn't produce much heat?
Yeah this is the point my friend made last night when I linked him to this topic. I have actually taken the iPad seriously since the beginning however only the iPad 3 just recently has made me consider buying one due to the retina display. I am still happy though with my Mini hooked up to my HDTV for the time being though. I can't wait to see what the next iPad brings. Having said that, I still want to see what happens with the Mac Pro. I still feel there's life in it.
This part is especially fascinating to me as I could definitely see it happening. Do you see it replacing all laptops or just low end ones? I didn't want to quote the entire post though I actually favored it to kind of look back on.
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