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How is progress on Thunderbolt integration with Sandy Bridge E? Will we see a new Mac Pro Q1 2013?
Calling the Mac mini an abomination is a bit unfair I feel. Are there things to be improved on? Absolutely. Will they improve upon those things? Doubtable.
Suppose there is no new mini this year. When do the Haswell mobile processors come out? Q2 2013 or Q1?
Ha! If Jobs is the modern day da Vinci than Tim Tebow is the modern day Jesus.
I'm guessing you mean the Air compared to the Retina Pro. That's a good question. Maybe because the Air is more of a light notebook and more is expected out of a pro notebook, you know?
Oh definitely I had a computer in between those times. I originally had a Gateway desktop when a then friend in an IRC channel mentioned about wanting a MacBook. I looked at the white and black plastic MacBooks and saw nothing special. I don't remember looking at the MacBook Pros then (which was probably a good thing since I avoided the GeForce 8600M fiasco) though I may have at least seen the price as being out of my league. I never considered a mini at this point.I then...
I definitely don't want RAM soldered to the motherboard although I unfortunately see Apple going in that direction even the mini down the line.
You and me both! I can't stand going on news sites and just seeing news on the newest iPhone.
The percentages make sense. The unibody MacBook was going to be my first Mac back in 2008. I wanted the one with the backlit keyboard but couldn't afford the $1,599 cost. Over time I waited and settled for a $599 mini about 3 years later.
I mean it would be interesting change though I see them using just what's in the 13" MBPs and base model 15" MBP. Not sure what's on the horizon for Haswell and Rockwell.
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