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I would love to see them put in the full 640M, although I think the LE is more likely knowing Apple. I'd love to be wrong though.
If not within the next week than possibly sometime in August. Either way, I cannot see them not releasing a mini at all in 2012.
Yeah even though the iMac has more horsepower per say, I like the display and computer separate as I have now. Put in the Ivy Bridge processors, bump up the RAM, Intel HD 4000, and SSD. One model having the GeForce 640M LE would be nice as I said before. If not then let it be. Have the base model either remain at $599 or drop lower (without an SSD anyway if they get to $499) and if they don't make a discrete model, then drop the server to $799 or $899.
Not that it will matter much though would anyone like the Intel HD 4000 to use more than 512 MB of video memory if 16 GB of memory is installed?
Intel will come around eventually though they are really going to have to up their game if they want to complete with discrete graphics cards from nVidia and AMD. With all the money they are spending in research, I have my confidence in them that they will make great strides and we'll probably see something amazing by Broadwell or Skylake or Skymont. Haswell will be a nice jump too but not a big enough one. Intel certainly is one company I'm positive on as Apple...
Well Ivy Bridge can handle 32 GB of RAM and even some quad core Sandy Bridge mobiles can handle 32 GB. I'm curious if we'll have DDR4 memory and then we'll start out with 16 GB SO-DIMMS from there. I know 16 GB DIMMS are on the way though.
There is no chance of having 16 GB SO-DIMMS by the time the Haswell Mini (if there is one of course) comes out is there?
I had an HP mini 210 netbook and while the 11" MacBook Air mops the floor with it, I feel 11" is too small a screen for a notebook. 13" should be the minimum and you have to wonder if at some point, the 13" Air will become the entry level model at $999, followed by the 13" retina, and 15" retina.
Something must be on the way because Apple closed above 600 dollars a share today for the first time in several weeks.
I love the ideas for Best Buy except for one problem and that is that they make sense. Things aren't allowed to make sense in big business : P
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