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So maybe wait until Haswell or Broadwell to see a significant drop? (not that I will though I'm curious on an opinion)
I am hoping this is the right place for this thread so we shall see how it goes. We are probably about four months away from the last Mac Pro update which was two years ago in August 2010.   I'm curious what constitutes a professional machine, a workstation, etc. I get it to some degree though it means different things to different people.   For example, how long does a good professional machine last with the pace of technology. How long can you future proof it?...
I don't push my 2011 Mini though how much cooler would Ivy Bridge run? The 2011 Mini hovers around 40 C or so for me.
I can't see this happening and hope it is not true. Who knows though.
    Oh I just mean in the ones were RAM would be soldered on. Is 4 still the max? I would guess so?   not1lost - That's kind of lame. If it's money set aside for both of you, okay. If you really need a new living room set vs. a new computer, okay. Otherwise that is YOUR money and YOU should keep it for YOUR new MacBook Pro.
Yeah I love the new look.
    Perhaps an option for 8 GB of RAM in the 15" Air allowing for the maximum amount for the Intel HD 4000. Leave a more powerful discrete option in a thicker 15" Pro?
Santoanderson - Yeah I can't blame you. I don't have a similar story however I have found that a Best Buy, 35 minutes away from my house, had the best Apple setup. It was nothing compared to the Apple Store however it was not crowded even when the store was and it was clean. The only thing I find Wal Mart to be good for is certain cheaper groceries.
I see this as a good thing if true. Competition is always good for the free market. I wish there was more sometimes.
Digitimes could say the next line of Macs could help you learn to fly. Literally, as soon as you start typing on one, you will learn to fly. Add a high quality photoshopped picture of Jony Ive with wings and it will make my day because it will be more interesting than probably about 75% of the mainstream media headlines that day.
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