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I am going to throw this curveball into the equation (and I'm sure Intel is working on it) but how long will it take for a Pro level desktop to be developed that runs fairly cool?
At some point, the consumer buzz with Apple is probably going wane, no? By then, will the Pro market still be around to grab hold.
I wonder what this means for Apple buying memory from them. They will probably start buying more from Hynix and Micron I suppose.
And if you terminate the mini with extreme prejudice, what becomes the entry model? The MacBook Air?
Is Intel the only option at the moment for the Mac Pro if it stays long-term? Just curious.
How is progress on Thunderbolt integration with Sandy Bridge E? Will we see a new Mac Pro Q1 2013?
Calling the Mac mini an abomination is a bit unfair I feel. Are there things to be improved on? Absolutely. Will they improve upon those things? Doubtable.
Suppose there is no new mini this year. When do the Haswell mobile processors come out? Q2 2013 or Q1?
Ha! If Jobs is the modern day da Vinci than Tim Tebow is the modern day Jesus.
I'm guessing you mean the Air compared to the Retina Pro. That's a good question. Maybe because the Air is more of a light notebook and more is expected out of a pro notebook, you know?
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