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I get that Apple is responsible for design though who is responsible for putting all the components together?   Frankly I really didn't want to take out the HDD and put in the SSD though A. I really wanted a fast machine (of which a 5,400rpm hard drive is not part of in my view) and B. I wasn't going to pay Apple $600 for their SSD on top of $200 I would have had to pay for getting the discrete model mini.   I had also read stories of people trying to do simple...
As I often say to people, "Made in China with pride." I remember thinking that I was going to be one of the unlucky ones to not only break something installing an SSD into my mini though that the clips used for the memory modules would also cause a problem. I consider myself lucky on both. I was careful though christ was I nervous.   Have things always been this way though or just recently? Maybe more visits are required to the Foxconn factory for quality...
I agree with you and I'm hoping they eventually get it. When the mini was released last year; even seeing the AMD Radeon 6630M was a surprise but after a while to soak it all in, a friend and I agreed that 256 MB was a bit minimal. 
If more VRAM is not standard, at least offer it as a CTO.
  I agree with you though just because of how I live, I often set the bar for things very low to avoid too much disappointment. For a company such as Apple, I should have high expectations however because I often lack regard for high expectations of other things in life, I feel the same way about Apple. I want them to put the best of the best in every model of computer they have. If I feel they do a good job on something, I'll make that my purchase. If I don't feel it's a...
512 MB or 1 GB discrete graphics on a good card would be amazing on the Ivy Bridge mini although I doubt it would happen. I am waiting for the Haswell mini anyway. By then my mini will be two years old and it'll be due for a nice upgrade in my opinion.   As for the iMac, the 680M would be great though knowing Apple they might stop at the 670M.
D: Hope this doesn't spell doom for the mini down the road. I don't think it will but you never know.
If people want to buy a gaming notebook, they can buy a gaming notebook and there are tons out there. Having said that, when people spend the money on a MacBook Pro they want it to play at least a few games adequately.   I don't think anyone buys a MacBook Pro in order to play Crysis 2 at max settings though if they can't play it at least at medium to high settings with possibly a configure to order option, it's kind of sad. No?
If Steve were still alive, would he still want to kill Android? Most likely yes. I view Steve Jobs very highly then and now though he is gone and Tim Cook is in. I don't see Tim Cook as another John Sculley though time will tell.   I think there are good people at Apple who will continue to do good things. I just hope they get over all this lawsuit garbage so they can simply keep moving forward at a faster pace without having to stop.   As for the strategy and to...
There isn't a good Thunderbolt strategy at the moment for the Xeon platform according to readers of Anandtech.
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