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Yes it can handle an SSD. I would recommend the Intel 320, Crucial m4, or Samsung 830.
For clarification, yes, I meant a 640M with 1 GB in the next Mini. I don't expect a replacement for it myself.
Mine runs pretty quiet though I guess it's only because I use it for light use.
When I first saw this topic, I thought of NeXT. Anyway, I have to wonder how the sales of the 15" MBP are. If the retina MBP sales are great, will the standard 15" be the next to be sliced. Quad-core processors and a good graphics card with 1 GB or even 2 GB standard.
Lion can barely run on 2 GB. Mountain Lion I'd imagine would do even worse.
I agree with you. Now what might we be looking at? A 640M with 1 GB of GDDR5? 630M?
Actually no, not really. Diablo III was really the only game I had semi interest in. I feel if I want something to play a game on at max settings than I will just buy a gaming PC. Part of the reason why I moved to Mac was just to get a break from Windows.I am looking to try and get better with certain things (such as video editing, which I am guessing something you would include as examples that can take advantage of more video RAM) and I am curious about these programs...
All right so let's say we have 1 GB of video memory on a card. Would 1 GB of memory have had sense on the AMD Radeon 6630M? My friend and I had a discussion about whether some OEMs add too much memory to mediocre cards.
Discrete is not a requirement for me though I agree with those that feel it should be important.
True however you don't want to alienate your longtime supporters. Nintendo hasn't gone under yet because they still make several decent titles though there's now a split between casual and hardcore whereas back in the NES, SNES, and even N64 days there was no line. Casual and hardcore alike loved the original Super Mario Bros. for example.To me Apple shouldn't blur the line because I feel everyone loving these iPhones and iPads is not permanent. It's just what's hot right...
New Posts  All Forums: