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If people want to buy a gaming notebook, they can buy a gaming notebook and there are tons out there. Having said that, when people spend the money on a MacBook Pro they want it to play at least a few games adequately.   I don't think anyone buys a MacBook Pro in order to play Crysis 2 at max settings though if they can't play it at least at medium to high settings with possibly a configure to order option, it's kind of sad. No?
If Steve were still alive, would he still want to kill Android? Most likely yes. I view Steve Jobs very highly then and now though he is gone and Tim Cook is in. I don't see Tim Cook as another John Sculley though time will tell.   I think there are good people at Apple who will continue to do good things. I just hope they get over all this lawsuit garbage so they can simply keep moving forward at a faster pace without having to stop.   As for the strategy and to...
There isn't a good Thunderbolt strategy at the moment for the Xeon platform according to readers of Anandtech.
Feeling mixed emotions here today. On one hand, they gave a nice bump to the MacBook Airs and introduced the retina display MacBook Pros which I can't wait to look at. On the other hand, we have the Mac Pro which I think would have been better to have been discontinued along with the 17" MBP then to be given such a small update.   Some might say something is better is than nothing though not in this case in my opinion.
You had the pre-unibody in other words? To me the unibody 17" was a nice machine though I guess even it was too heavy?
Obviously you need charisma and presentation but I think that goes without saying. People who attend WWDC understand technology I would think, right? Naturally you don't want a guy who drones on and on however people sitting there are going go be disappointed say if they were to find out the next Mac Pro lacked Thunderbolt and USB 3.0. That's what I mean by specs speak for themselves   If people are disappointed of course then the stock price goes down, Apple loses...
Specifications speak for themselves. If specifications do not deliver, it doesn't really matter who delivers the keynote whether it's Scott, Bob, Tim, Jony, the 1998 Denver Broncos, and so forth.
Personally, having SSD as the standard option and SSD + HDD as the second would make much more sense. Now the question remains what card will be used by nVidia.
As Steve taught us when he came back and unveiled the quadrant "Less is more."
Is this the same guy who said the 17" MBP was going away? I'm skeptical.
New Posts  All Forums: