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This is really getting stupid.
Alright, I've had this problem before. I don't know what causes it, so I'm wondering if anyone else knows. I install Windows 7 using Boot Camp Assistant, then I start the installer and from within the Windows 7 installer, I reformat the Fat32 partitioned space to NTFS because that's what Windows 7 uses. Everything installs fine and I can launch and use both OSes. However, it's kind of a luck-of-the-r=draw thing whether or not the newly partitioned Windows 7 is going to...
Yeah, I did all the disk diagnostic stuff right before testing both of them again. Does Apple Jack have anything that disk utility booting from the CD doesn't? I guess its gotta be those torrent files. I haven't seen any other signs of failing HDs.
Just one.
I've had this ongoing problem that I hope I can get resolved with your help: Each time I try to download using torrents, I watch as all my HD space gets sucked up by a relatively small file. Say I have 55 gig free - I watch it decrease to 52....50.... 48... all the way down until I have 500 k left and the OS tells me to free up some space. What could be causing this? Has anyone had this problem before? Then I restart and boot up OS X to find a folder labeled 'Recovered...
I recently decided to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and give Windows 7 Beta a try. I do like it... but it shutdown a couple times and.... well, it can't do that anymore without lingering in some stage for eternity. That sort of ruined it for me (reminds me of the good old 'Windows ME' days...). And yeah, I know it's a beta, but anyway - I'm trying to set it up as a Virtual Machine using the latest version of VMWare Fusion and... well, it says that the partition I had...
Alright, so has anyone ever had this happen to them? You notice that your Date and Time section go mission randomly on your top menu bar.
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