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Apple is doomed.
Yea, combine this news with the great Mac sales.... the stock never had a chance...
Great! Now kids can stay glued to a screen all day and not interact with anyone so we can create a more socially disfunctional society.
iPohne?  maybe someone already trademarked iPony.
"everyone please stop moving, my iphone picture will be too blurry."  
I had a cheaper iPhone.  It was called the iPhone 4.  I sold it for $275 on Amazon.  Maybe I should start buying them up and taking them to France.
This is very simple.  If congress does not like the existing laws - change them! No person or corporation has a moral burden to pay more tax than legally required.
Apple sells great product in great stores.  The product is the key.   Just creating a great JC Penny store will not solve the problem.   How are they going to differentiate their product?  That is the key.    
They never say it, but these numbers for Apple don't look like desktop, laptop or total numbers. Apple sold the following in Cal Q1 2011 (mil) Desktops 1,009 Laptops 2,751 Total 3,760 So what is 1580 in the table?
"The analyst writes that if Apple is able to manufacture and sell the estimated 42.5 million units, earnings per share of the company's stock would rise an incremental $3.09 to an estimated $9.47 for the December quarter. This equates to about $0.24 EPS for every 1 million units sold." I would like to see this guy's financial model that spits out $9.47/Sh on 42.5M iPhones. My model, which is pretty good puts earnings at nearly $15/sh if they sold that many iPhones.
New Posts  All Forums: