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Seems to me that Samsung is hedging its bets. Perhaps they fear that Apple is on to something with a 4 inch phone, despite the trend in the direction of much larger phones. So they want to make sure that the cover that gap in their device offerings for their flagship phone.
Finally, a reason to laugh out loud
If my interpretation of this article is correct, then the headline is misleading. Does "iOS" mean iOS on the iPhone or iOS on all idevices? I have a suspicion that the comparison would reveal a very different pattern if Android was compared to iOS on iPhones, iPods, and iPads.
Rest in peace, Steve. I feared that this day would come too soon. You will never be forgotten. Thanks for all that you did for part of our world. Thanks for making my life happier.
Well said!
I hoped that this day was not close. Thanks, Steve, for all that you've done to change our world and for inspiring me. I know that Apple is in good hands. I wish you good health as you go forward in a new role at Apple.
We will accelerate our stores! Uh, how do you accelerate a store?
"Biography is lame, regardless who" That is truly one of the most puzzling statements I've ever read, and I read a lot of crap every day. I wish that I could say more, but how do you respond to that attitude?
There are plenty of people with lots of common sense who get all flustered and make the wrong choice when computers are involved. I know many older people who are quite wise, and just want to use their computer for a few basic tasks like reading email, web browsing, and shopping a bit. When they encounter a PayPal phishing scam they sometimes fail to realize what's happening and make a mistake. Most of us geeks can recognize a phishing scam, but that doesn't mean that a...
Best post so far. I visit Apple Insider 7 days a week, several times a day and I've come to know dozens of regular posters by name and by their predictable attitude regarding various tech issues. The regulars posting on this issue have revealed a side of themselves that's usually not at all visible. This confirms something that I always assume. There is heterogeneity that underlies every group of people no matter what common links (Apple fans for example) they may may...
New Posts  All Forums: