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Highly unlikely. An ignoramus is more likely to jump to a reactionary conclusion than read about anything.
$666.66. Hmmm. Mark of the beast? Anti-Christ? Steve Jobs? Ascendancy to his throne at age 66? I think I just broke the code So all you Apple haters, you have 11 more years until Steve reduces you all to ashes. No worries, though, that's more than enough time to see the light and repent.
You will know when sales drop off a cliff. Simply notice when Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all drop from the top 10. That will mean that the rate of new iPad purchases has slowed. Give it some thought and you'll figure out my assertion fairly quickly
Animals have rules too. It's just that they need very few. Animals would never think of doing to each other what we humans do to each other, so they really only need a couple of unspoken () rules.
Yep, that's correct. However, on this planet displays of weapons or violent activities independent of an association with traditional sexual icons are very unlikely to stimulate erotic feelings. Therefore, a different rationale has to used to prohibit violent games or weapons
I have a hypothesis regarding how to track demand and sales. From the first week of its availability, 3 apps have been among the top 10 to 12 apps despite considerable week to week variation among the top 10 apps. These apps are: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. My hypothesis is that these are among the first 10 apps purchased after an iPad is bought. So the presence of these 3 apps is a surrogate for actual tracking of new iPad sales. If my hypothesis is correct, then...
I will resist with all of my might, responding to your inadvertent use of the word "palm" in the context of making your husband happy in the bedroom. Darn, I failed!
I don't remember Steve Jobs specifically saying that mobile phones made by HTC and Samsung lose their signal when touched. His demo showed that the number of bars will drop when you hold the phone in a certain way. He did not say that this inevitably leads to a loss of signal and the inability to have a conversation.
I've had my iPad for a month now, and I'm still getting caught up in the excitement. I love my iPad, and it's nice that the rest of the world is now getting a chance to experience the same joy that I feel. All of this on the same day as the Apple TV rumor. Today will be a good day (assuming that I can somehow force myself to forget about the disaster in the Gulf for a while).
You made some good points, but I don't agree that it's crazy talk. I'm skeptical though. My question is whether your ECG still identifiably yours under typical conditions of variation. I'm thinking of conditions that lead to an increase in heart rate. I think you would agree that atrial fib and v tach are not exactly typical conditions. So potentially, this method could work reliably. I imagine that the inventors have consulted heart rhythm experts in order to figure out...
New Posts  All Forums: