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I've had my iPad for a month now, and I'm still getting caught up in the excitement. I love my iPad, and it's nice that the rest of the world is now getting a chance to experience the same joy that I feel. All of this on the same day as the Apple TV rumor. Today will be a good day (assuming that I can somehow force myself to forget about the disaster in the Gulf for a while).
You made some good points, but I don't agree that it's crazy talk. I'm skeptical though. My question is whether your ECG still identifiably yours under typical conditions of variation. I'm thinking of conditions that lead to an increase in heart rate. I think you would agree that atrial fib and v tach are not exactly typical conditions. So potentially, this method could work reliably. I imagine that the inventors have consulted heart rhythm experts in order to figure out...
This is not good. I'm concerned about the health of a specific subset of my fellow humans. This statement from Microsoft could create major cognitive dissonance for people who are fanboys of Microsoft and fanboys of Adobe. This could lead to a split brain process and temporary (or longer) madness.
The precious is here!! Muahahaaaaaaaa!
Let the wild rumpus begin!
Apple will never, ever market a qwerty-style keyboard on a phone. Never ever. No 2 button mouse ever.
Hey, go clean your mind out with soap!
I have my doubts about the authenticity of this device, but it's certainly a very intriguing development. There's one interesting detail that I'm not sure that anyone has commented on yet. The separation of the volume buttons makes it easier for them to be used for additional functions. For example, the screen could be locked in its orientation by pressing both volume buttons at the same time. That is possible with the iPhone 3GS, but it's easier with more discrete...
Please, no more posts like this. I have a painful cramp in my ribs from laughing so hard, and I can't find a tissue to wipe these tears from my eyes.
I think overall people will choose to ignore ads way more often than they will click on them; however; in some situations, ads may using the iAds platform may get clicked more frequently than regular ads. I think that you're right, it's word of mouth and app reviews that may change that. Ads that are visually interesting, offbeat, funny, or actually useful, will get some clicks after word spreads. Let's say you're in an app and you see a banner or something to click on,...
New Posts  All Forums: