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I agree on all points. It's interesting that I'm looking forward to my iPad with the same sense of anticipation that I looked forward to getting my Palm III so many years ago. Times sure have changed.\
SJ has done wonders with Apple; brought it back from the brink. That requires a special combination of vision, charisma, leadership, and ruthlessness. Palm is now approaching the brink. I wonder what he would do to rescue Palm. I think Apple had more going for it when SJ returned and there was no Apple equivalent as a competitor. Is Palm too far gone?
I hope that my 64 gig, 3G iPad arrives in late April as scheduled, not some time in May. I ordered on the first day, so I'm assuming that any delay will not apply to me. It will really be interesting to see how the naysayers react when they discover that all of Apple's "controversial" design decisions are actually entirely sensible. You know, the wide bezel, the 4:3 aspect ratio, the choice of the iPhone OS instead of the Mac OS, the lack of a bunch of ports and other...
Thanks for the link. I was trying to be a bit clever, because of the multiple meanings of "POS". Fujitsu's device actually looks like it would be useful, so maybe that's why my attempt to be clever appears to have been a fail.
Please clarify the use of "POS" in this context
Well said, and so obvious. I don't understand why the 4:3 ratio is so hard to understand, or the need for the wide bezel. All kinds of people are going to use the iPad, not just those of us with decent dexterity. I'm sure that Apple tested this.
I decided to check out AI before going to bed. Now I have a huge knot in my ribs from laughing so hard at this debate about aspect ratios.
Amen. Nuff said.
Ain't gonna happen. No Apple-branded TV. Market's too mature. Too many players. Hmm, brevity feels good.
The feedback regarding the name "iPad" is interesting and what I expected. I've read several articles that claim that the name is a fail, and it suggests that Apple is clueless about how the name could subject them to ridicule. There was also speculation that maybe there are few women at Apple, therefore nobody recognized that there was a potential problem with the name. I've always thought that line of reasoning made no sense. I strongly suspect that at least...
New Posts  All Forums: