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    I for one had no complaints about the previous iTunes.  So the whole idea of "much-needed 'improvements'" doesn't resonate with me.  I've already had to back out Safari 6, holding off on iOS 6 because of the munged up maps, and now I'm going to have to revert iTunes and it's new "improved" interface.  I didn't want to believe it, but without Steve to bang heads together they are really just devolving into mediocrity.
I agree with the judge's ruling. On the other hand, I do think that making the back out of glass was a bit silly.
Doesn't sound like they consulted George Carlin on this one.   Crash, Freeze, Hang, C***, C********, M*********** and T***...
Such a stupid business model. Like many people I take steps to actively avoid online ads. Of the ones that sneak through, I pay little heed to them and the more they are "targeted" at me the more obvious and ridiculous they are.
So you can get "advice" from an underpaid 18-yo. Who is now going to be be directed to "push" video services. Brings back fond memories of DivX.
Could you have imagined this headline in 1997? Wow.
Probably you would need something along the lines of a... hmm.... computer to calculate those non-linear factors.
Seriously? Maybe it's 100% of the annual Corn yield of Yugoslavia. Probably it was the picture of a battery which led my mind astray.
No it's Apple being obtuse. 100% has a specific meaning. If 100% (fully charged) means 11.6 hours, then 10 hours is 86%. The battery indicator should be an indicator, not a feel-good device. I'm a fan and I like the product. But if you're going to have a battery indicator -- give real numbers.
How so? It is common knowledge that you should place visual cues on large expanses of glass that someone might otherwise mistake for open passage.
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