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I could not agree more it is miss leading.  This is the only firm that does this and it makes them look like they are in Apple's pocket and therefore no one takes them seriously.  I am a huge fan of Apple products but for the vast majority of people a PC and a Tablet are not the same.
New installs of Windows are always faster.  Come back here in a year when you have 124 processes running and it takes 8 min for the startup to get to a point where you can actually click on those stupid live tiles.
Funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!
It does not fix the Exchange issue. If I get a meeting request and I accept it on my phone (4s with 6.01) it still sits in my inbox in Outlook PC and Mac. We are running Exchange 2010 with SP2 . This issue started with iOS 6.0
  Windows RT does NOT support Flash.  Who really cares about Office apps on a ARM based tablet....2% of the tablet buying market?  File browser...really?  Best of luck with your Cyan Blue tablet Ricky!
However many users (10, 20, 30%???) could possibly use a smartphone or a tablet for what they do on a computer today.  That alone is going to hurt PC sales.  In the past a PC/Computer was their only choice.
Good luck with Winde'rs "Romper Room" 8.
Microsoft already has a Lync client (communicator) for iOS.
FIX SMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just flat out broken. I have a few Windows clients trying to connect to our Mac's. Wide open Guest still requires a user name and password for them. 10.6.x worked fine.
Is this for real? You should expect Microsoft to give you better support for Windows users.....but that is probably to much to ask.
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