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If Apple was so stupid to move their Macbooks to ARM....they would lose me as a customer in a heartbeat. I love my iPhone, love my iPad, but at times I need a computer to do real work. An ARM CPU would kill a Macbook for anything but web surfing. I use iPhoto, iMovie, Aperture, Office.....all of which are not speed demons on my current Intel Core 2 duo 2009 2.53ghz Macbook. I want the latest i5 or i7 in a Macbook, I plan to buy in the fall, not some ARM chip or even...
Great fan girl reply. iBooks need a way to read books on Mac/PC either via iTunes or a iBooks app. Often I am stuck in a computer room for hours as things are going on, and I would love to bring up a book on my Macbook that I already have open. With Kindle books I can do this on my Macbook from the app or from the website.
Total loser? Anybody that would make that kind of comment is the total loser. Windows Phone 7/7.5 is not bad at all. Way better than Android. Sure they only have 50K apps, but they have most covered. If you are a big Windows Live/hotmail/skydrive (skydive is way better than iCloud right now) they Windows Phone is probably better for you. That said its not for me
I guess that is the main advantage is multiple folders....and for simplicity Dropbox uses one. That said I would think even average users probably have some kind of folder structure in their "documents" folder on a Mac or even a PC. With drop box do you have to move everything into that? Or at least what you want synced?
You don't work in IT do you? I love Apple products. That said Apple has given the FINGER to corporations.Our group of Mac users, about 30 out of 5000, not sit in their own OD domain. We tried like hell to get Lion Server (now on a Mini, on a tray, in a rack, in the server room) to play nicely with AD like our Leopard Xserve did. It never did, so we broke down the "golden triangle" and now they have double logins. Many....many....many other corporations are having the...
Yes...yes...yes.https://www.sugarsync.com/sync_comparison.html Example of how I am using it right now. I have a Windows 7 PC on my desk at work, folder on the desktop called "Job Descriptions" with about 6 files in it, word/pdf's. I right click it set it up to sync. On My Mac at home it will hit the desktop by default or I can tell it put the folder in my documents folder.
I have never understood the love for dropbox. You must use that single folder? I have sugar sync and its 100x more flexible. My documents are in the documents folder, and I tell SugarSync to sync them. If I had dropbox I would have to move them.
So from a simple email perspective, iCloud works way better than mobileme did. The webmail, calendar, and contacts are great. That said I still use SugarSync to sync my docs everywhere....and I even pay for it (30gig). iCloud cant even do this between 2 Mac's yet with out the browser??? The document type support sucks big time as well. (no .docx, .xlxs etc) I hope the future of iCloud allows me to get rid of SugarSync.
This is exactly the outcome I expect. Apple is pretty popular there. I imagine Moto is losing any kind of popularity it had now.
Leave up to DED to fire up the Fan Base! Dell makes the vast majority of its money in the corporate/enterprise sector these days. As they have been moving more and more in that direction Apple has moved the other way. No surprises here.
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