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I read once that for every 1% of search market share that equates to roughly 1 Billion dollars in revenue. Bing has slowly, but steadily risen in the last two years to 15% market share. Why should they NOT do search? They are weaving it into everything, Xbox, Sharepoint, WP7 etc. Bad press or not, Hotmail has by far the most users at around 350 million, compared to Gmail at 180 million.
Yeah break apart a company that continues to increase revenue each year. They just ended the year up with 70billion in sales. Pure genius. Your break is over, time to go back to the hot dog stand where you are the CEO.
Looking the chart in the cnet link I supplied....Online Services Division 2011 Full Year 2.5 billion, Y/Y Growth 15%
I would expect them to not cover Microsoft at all really. I come here for Apple news. I use and like products from both companies.
JHC this site lives up to its bias is a huge way. I have visions of this site being run by a bunch of 20 year old, socially retarted iFan nerds that foam at the mouth in a negative way if anything makes Apple look bad or in a postive way if Microsoft looks bad. Your post leads off with the one negative area in the earning call. The rest is ALL POSTIVE, yet you would NEVER know from your post. On a more un-biased and more popular tech blog site you get real...
Apple Tax at your service.
That "blog post" was written by a 15 year old. It compares Apple to a single Windows PC vendor. Compare it to all of them and see if volume ends up making more money? Writing a blog post off of another blog post written by a 15 year old makes the "AI staff" look like a collection of Morons.
"Ever" stops at 5gig. Once you pass "Ever" you will be charged.
Umm the dates for E3 were in place before WWDC. FACT's suck when they dont back your bias
Ignorance is bliss. Xbox Live allowed for movie rentals before Apple TV and is still the only true HD streaming content around (1080p not 720ish you get with Apple TV). Netflix was on Xbox and the PC before any other platform. To use Netflix on a Mac you need silverlight. The Xbox can be used as your cable box if you ATT Uverse. The Xbox is everything Apple TV is and way more. If you are a gamer of T rated and above games, Xbox and Xbox Live is where it is...
New Posts  All Forums: