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"Sales of PCs have yet to rebound to levels prior to the release of Vista" Flat out wrong. Last year 348 million PC were sold, which is up from the year before and the higest ever. Of course DED wrote this so the lies should be expected.
I agree. Also if they bought Nokia then HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell might not like it. They have Nokia and the others pushing their Phone OS already. Microsoft has a boat load of money in the bank, 50+ billion, and they have been sitting on it for a long time before the Skype deal. They should buy Twitter and Adobe with cash just to really heat things up.
Simple answer. Amazon probably gets the same cut from Microsoft for a boxed or digital sale. No 30% BS.
Yep I am sitting in the circle but I am just watching the jerk fest. I think this is nothing but advertising for the iPad and a way to track EVERYTHING you look at in the store. The paper before was not doing a great job at that. Good move on Apple's part but NOT a big deal at all.
Are you serious? Most cash registers are touch screen, just go to Rotten Ronnies and get a big mac. My supermarket up the street has 4 - 5 touch screen devices in the bakery, deli etc. You can order a cake using your finger, lots of options, or a deli tray. They have had this ability for about 5 years.
Yeah RIM and Google will follow Apple's lead.......because touch screen displays in retail have never been around.
Yep. This huge circle jerk of iFans over this nothing announcement. Do they have a iPad next to a Shuffle? Did they run out of space now? I mean, Shuffle with iPad, Nano with iPad, Classic with iPad, Touch with iPad, Apple TV with iPad, iPad with iPad.....and on. Lots of space to take up. Is this a green thing? You save paper but how much coal is being burned through out the world to power all of those iPads at all of the stores? I hope the adjusted the lights above...
One can only dream. Facetime was DOA. Way to many restrictions out of the gate.
At some point if the ARM is powerful enough it will get hotter, and suck more power. ARM will meet Intel in the middle. There is no getting around it. It might be called "ARM" but it will be a CPU that has power but needs more power than today. At the same time Intel will get push its Atom line to be like ARM. There brand new 3D Atom CPU's are very close.
There is irony in all of this. If ARM gets crazy performance upgrades it will degrade the battery life. So bascially it would be what you get today from intel, power at a cost. You just cant have it both ways.
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