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It would take nothing to port OS X to ARM, exactly because iOS is just a stripped down version of OS X.
Yes they have. The NVIDIA 8600 problems were thought to be the end of Nvidia with Apple. It was not. They have changed probably 5-6 times in the last 10 years. This article is total bs.
Microsoft has patch Tuesday...for once a month patching. Apple needs iTunes Monday for monthly iTunes updates. Every freaking time I turn around there is a new version of iTunes.
Actualy the worst record goes to DED then Gruber then Dvorak.
I have had massive problems with screen sharing on Snow Leopard. One of the point releases (10.6.3?) was supposed to fix it. Apple could never fix it on two of the Macs (of 14) in the office I support. Rebuilds fixed it. SMB connections are jacked as well. Hopefully Lion will fix them both....but its not iOS so I dont have high hopes.
I will be a little more giving to the iFan's. I predict Android apps will pass the iPhone in 2012, not in 2011 Of course sales have already suprassed the iOS phones. A year from now there will be a dozen good Andriod tablets running Honeycomb + and probably for cheaper than the iPad. Again I predict the iPad will drop to number 2 and do so faster than the iPhone did. Maybe Dan can spin some shiiiiite on that day for the iFan's so they wont feel so bad?? His drible is...
Umm so I actually went and checked one out when I was getting my wife's iphone replaced for a second time and this article is..... Horseshiiiiite. Sorry the two are not even close. Also the camera on that iPad 2...SUCKS. It is a grainy pixel fest.
We have a winner. USB 3.0 is here now with tons of devices and backwards compatibility. Thunderbolt is nice but it will lose to USB 3.0. USB 2.0 needed a speed boost. That said once you go past the speed of modern HD's or SSD's the extra speed does nothing for you. I 3.5 inch typical 7200 RPM SATA drive wont go past 80mbs. Sure SSD will, but I need USB 3.0/Thunderbolt speed when moving large amounts of days in the hundreds of gigs to storage, and SSD are just two...
Sure I get it...one cable on the Mac. Now do all of the other vendors get it? Will there be hard drives, card readers, scanners, camera's etc on the other end. Apple or someone is going to make a fortune on custom cables. The other end of that thing is going to be a ugly mess. Knowing Apple it will work with exaclty their stuff, LCD, iStuff and that is it.
And to the orginal post, so what? If nothing will work with it??? USB 3.0 is coming on strong, with lots of support already.
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