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Oh I guess they hack the certficate used for SSL, the 2048bit one??????????????????? Yeah probably happen day 2? The fanboy shite on this site is amazing.
Ok yeah so for non .edu folks it went like this. 1. Go to the micorosfot online store, choose digital delivery. 2. Enter your credit card info if you have never purchased anything there (likely) 3. Click downloand and install. 4. Say yes to shutting off specific apps that may cause a problem with the install. vs Lion 1. Go to the Mac App store, choose Lion. 2. Enter your credit card info if you have not before...and create an Apple ID as well possibly. 3. Click Install...
The Windows 7 online install (came before Lion), would pop up and ask you if it could disable specific programs to prevent what you speak of. The user had the very difficult task of clicking on "yes". Maybe they can make it read your mind with Windows 8?
Seriously that is your answer? You are fooking brainwashed! So Lion uses the Mac App store and Windows 7 uses the microsoft online store. Windows 7 did it first. Snow leopard was not availble online...Windows 7 was.
I hate the burst your bubble but Microsoft had this option when Windows 7 came out...BEFORE...Lion. Notice the download option on the right...http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/..._PID_235488300 Complete instructions on how to do it....with OUT a DVD drive...http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/w...load-windows-7
Wow is there even a single review of this 1.0 product?
The only reason to get a Fire/Nook over a iPad (even for reading) is price. In every single way the iPad is better. Unless you are total wimp and you cant hold the iPad but can hold the Fire? Once you move away from e-ink, then for reading/eye strain the fire/nook/iPad are equal. In fact I would argue that the iPad is better since you can use iBooks, Nook app or the Kindle App and the larger size is better for some. The Fire is only going to support Kindle/Amazon...
Has there even been any real reviews of the Fire? Like a hands on test for a week of normal usage? You would have to be a total idiot to pre-order a version 1 product like that, even if it was from Apple.
One word "freak". Conspiracy theory much? Mac Pro will probably die. If I were Apple and the sales were low I would kill it as well. The advancment in CPU technology is killing the Mac Pro. A 3.4 ghz i7 based iMac with 16gigs of RAM fufilles the requirements of 99% of Mac Pro users and at a cheaper price. Thunderbolt (dual ports) can provide all the storage you will ever need, and at 10gig, and you never have to crack the case again to upgrade it. Daisy chain a few...
Think of it this way. Let say there are 50 million Xbox's out there and maybe 50% of those play Halo. Vs 100 million iOS devices and 50% of them play Angry birds. Halo cost $59 AB cost $.99 Which cost more to develop? Which cost more to support? In the end game makers want to make money. Making money is sales - cost = profit
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