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Wow some of you are just nucking futs over this guy. I just read the book. Sure he was smart, and he was a master of salemanship if there ever was one. In the field of computers he stood out easily amongst the Woz's and Gate's type nerds, which was not hard. However, (if you read the book) he is not someone I would have been friends with. He shit all over lots of people and did it in a horrible way all the time. People die everyday and its sad, epecially if they were...
I fully agree. Windows Phone is way more like the iPhone with its fuller range of services, controlled market place and consistency across devices. Android is a crazy mess that I would never touch.
Add to that right now Live services (Hotmail, skydrive, Windows Phone 7, Office on the PC and Mac with skydrive connectors built in, Office Web Apps, mesh etc) is better than iCloud. My sister has a Windows Phone, with 7.5 and she can open documents and photos off her skydrive on her phone....in mobile versions of Office 2010. She can send out links from her phone to photos she just shared on skydrive via her phone...sort of like Mobile Me gallery....oh wait that is gone.
Yeah I have self low self esteem so I have to drink the Apple Kool a.......oh wait that is what I am trying to point out.
I wish we could bet on this some how. I have no doubt when the do change iPhone body it will get a bigger screen. Its not a flip phone where smaller is better. It is a smartphone where you use the screen all the time. If I were to believe your cool aid then why not a 7inch iPad......oh that is right because Apple said bigger is better.
So if the iPhone 4S came out with a 4inch screen do you doubt for 1 second that everyone would be praising the 4inch retina display?
I get that Siri is better past voice dictation on the other phones especially since it uses Apple servers to crunch stuff, BUT if you have to repeat what you said to Siri like the others, then people will stop using it.....like they do on others. I take care of the phones at my company, and users have the choice of Android, iOS and WP7 on our corporate ATT plan. None of the Android/WP7 users use the voice stuff after the initial newness wares off because of these same...
I started off comparing Siri to the WP7 voice stuff. Both are not fantastic at either speed or always picking up what the user is saying, neither was better than each other. IMHO if a user has to repeat stuff very often the feature will be a novelty on both and quickly ignored. If you take away Siri, the iPhone 4S is not that big of a deal....except for the camera, like I stated. The OS is started to feel dated to me, as Metro has some very cool features I would like to...
DED who is your doctor because brother you are getting some GOOD DRUGS. We tested this today against a $49 Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7 Mango. Siri Effed up with understanding us just as much or as less really as the Windows Phone. Siri was just as slow as the WP7 as well. Yes siri can come up with some funny canned answers, but it is not light years ahead of everything else. The 4S was not really any faster than the Windows Phone, in fact in lagged...
Yeah I would call that CONVENIENT, as I am sure there will be NO line at all and you appointment will be right on time. Half or more of the Apple stores are filed with people needing help. Brilliant idea to stage it that way, makes the stores look like they are crowded with shoppers.
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