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On CNBC this morning....when they hit the tech news coverage...."Apple disapoints with NO iPhone 5" and "Microsof is signing deals with Comcast, FIOS and others to have TV programing on the Xbox". iPhone 4S S = stagnation.
OMFG!!!!!! New iPhone! It's still the same old sh__, but it's a little faster! Are you going to wait in line for one? Hey, maybe we can camp out together! I'll bring a Thermos of instant capuccino! We can burn our current iPhone 4 contracts for warmth!! It only took 16 months to figure out how to fit an A5 in the iphone 4!!
"in favor of MobileMe, which works flawlessly" So you are the "ONE" that it works for!!!
DED Spin. After a lack luster Tim Cook presentation and a warmed up iPhone, DED is hoping this will be the kicker that gets people ligned up for this new phone. I DOUBT it, just because I cant see people jabbering away in fron of other people. I see this being banned in many locations, especially if texting was already banned in a location. I bet the iPhone 4S has the WORST sales of any iPhone so far. Everyone will hold out for the iPhone 5. 3G owners will pickup...
Yeah check out the video, the guy asked it 1 simple question.
Windows Phone rolls out mango and gets great reviews, as their app count rolls past 30K apps. Microsoft shows off Windows 8 at build, which has serious potential on the tablet front esecially for corporations that use Microsoft product Microsoft continues to enhance its hotmail/skydrive/webapps at a fast pace holding an actual press event yesterday. Andriod on on phones is on fire by all accounts with the darling Galaxy II S just hitting the US. Amazon...
For iPhone 4 users that had no real antenna problems, almost all of what you quote that is better....was not broken. The iPhone 4 was fast enough. The camera worked fine for casual pictures etc. Fazizle.
Google lacks the echo system. Tablet success is the right combination of.... Devic + echo system + ease of use + Price. Depening upon which on of those you care about, say price, will make you choose one over the other. The kindle fire is better than all of the Google based tablets because it is super easy to use and it is backed by a echo system rivaled only by Apple.
Netflix is imploding. Amazon video streaming client is being built into TV's and BR players...over 300 models so far.
New Posts  All Forums: