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"I'm sure that there are plenty of poor people around" What an arrogant fraq
Now that is a brillant comment.
Best comment in this thread. I know more than a few people that are on the fence with the iPad because of price. Bringing the same kind of echo system (if not better), the same ease of use (if not better) at a MUCH lower cost will most likely makes these same people NOT go with a iPad.
You are right Kindle uses a gimped version of Linux....which is the same thing as Andriod minus the name. Honestly I dont care what OS any Kindle uses, or about any open source movement. Even less I dont care about the makeup of iOS 5 either...or who releases first. How is the release date of iOS better than the Kindle OS release date???? Like I said the Kindle will ship pre-configured with your Amazon account info, and there is no need to have a PC to set it up or sync...
Yeah because Google and Facebook dont already do that on your devices.
"rudimentary browsing" ??? It is based on webkit at its root, it supports flash and offloading to Amazon's servers....much like Opera does with its mobile browser. Many people see the iPad as an expensive consumption device with no rival....until today.
In two years I see the tablet market broken down like..... iPad with the most market share....say 40% Kidle righ behind it Windows 8 dominating 70+% of corporate tablets Everything else based on some Google code.
DED=FUD I can smell it.
Maybe iCloud will be as good as.....https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/le...320744-0217565 Apple had better get "it's" iCloud right..............this time around. Good luck Apple
Better yet, like today's Kindle that uses a gimped version of Andriod, it will come pre-setup with your amazon account and NOT need any kind of PC to get going...unlike the iPad.
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