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Hmm I just read today that is cost them $180 to make, so maybe my math is off but that is $19 per device they will make....not lose. DED you are scared, I can smell your fear. The iPad finally has a real contender, backed a equally if not larger echo system. Sure the iPad is a technically better device but so is the Xoom compared to the iPad. The rell DIFFERENCE here is $300. Not a single user will care what OS it will run, provided it can do what they want. ...
http://memeburn.com/2011/09/gartner-...-tablet-market Question really is will the Kindle Fire change those numbers faster. Much like Andriod did on the smartphone. Not if but when
What is the ratio of consumers looking at hardware specs vs ease of use and do what I need it to do? I dont know the exact ratio but if hardware specs where the majority of consumers choice, the iPad would not be the leader in current sales as the Xoom and others have offered way more hardware features already. (USB, better screen ratio/res, memory etc) The device + echo syste + ease of use for device/echo system + PRICE is the formula that only Apple has gotten right so...
Before the Kindle Fire, iPad had 80+% of the tablet market in year 1 of its life. That dropped to 60% (in the sixties) in year two of its life because of Xoom, Tab and others. All of those others lacked, apps early on and the echo system that Apple had. Care to guess what the iPad tablet market share will be in December of 2012? I bet its below 50%, but still the biggest....because of this tablet.
It is not just digital books. $79 a year for Prime which gets you basically Netflix streaming. I buy almost everything I can off of Amazon, that I dont need today, because it is just easy. I have an amazon shoping app on my phone for this reason. I can do it from this device as well. If they are breaking even or making $10 as Bloomberg reports then there is no loss, and huge potential for way more "buy now with 1 click".
Bloomberg said it cost them $180 to make so it is probably even.
Add to this Netflix is a huge hit, but they are imploding. Amazon is the only one close to Netflix as in streaming....vs rent a single episode from iTunes/Apple TV. This is just another example of why this will be a hit.
Just read about it....http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Color-M...pf_rd_i=507846
The ignorance continues. Please show me a 7 inch tablet that has the full might of a Amazon echo system behind it....including the Cloud storage Amazon already has and the Andriod app store it already has. Focus all you want on the smaller screen, but realize that many people use the hell out of their smartphone today and have Zero problems with it. This tablet is the same price or less than the iPhone that will be announced next week.
The effing ignorance of some people is amazing. This product will impact iPad sales with out a doubt. 95% of iPad users are very simplistic users, browse the web, email and 10-20 apps. The iPad is at least $499. With this Kindle Fire you can do the same thing basically. If the app is already written for andriod it will run on this. Yes it has fewer apps, no camera, smaller screen etc. For some people that will be a show stopper, however WAY MORE people will jump at...
New Posts  All Forums: