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Simple...price. At half the price of the lowest iPad it will have apeal. My wife uses her kindle to read and her iPad to check email, surf the net, play simple games. She spends way more time with her kindle. If this new kindle is focused like I think it will be, reading first + a webkit browser, and apps for Amazon's cloud music, movies and shopping....it will be a hit. Amazon is the only one with a echo system to rival Apple.
So Intel, which is the King of chip makers is going nuts right now trying to shrink some form of x86 down to compete with ARM. I think for tablets this time next year they will be there. There whole "thin and light" stuff is pretty good now. They 1-2 revs coming out before Windows 8. This time next year, Windows 8 tablets on Intel's latest x86 chip for tablets = ability to run most x86 apps. The line is going to blur between quad core ARM chips and Intel's latest...
So do you guys drag out DED and his crazy Anti-MS BS when you think Microsoft is going to make a comeback, or has done something right. DED is a effing loon of the first order and publishing his trash makes AI look lame.
http://allthingsd.com/20110105/live-...ks-arm-at-ces/ "Next up is Office running on an ARM chip. This demo is on Microsoft Word and has it printing to an Epson printer. Microsoft shows demos of chips from Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instruments." That was back in Jan of 2011 so I am sure it is working even better now.
Hmm COD and BFBC2 run like a champ on my PC compared to my 360/PS3. I cant wait for BF3 on the PC.....64 player servers....only on the PC. You should have tried steam vs Games for Windows Live.
Minimal traction on the cloud? Hotmail/Live/Skydrive 500 million users. Office 365 etc. Compared to what mobile me?
"A variety of enterprise users are already using legacy Windows apps on the iPad, using Citrix, along with other native iOS apps. Whether Microsoft can convince them to switch to Windows 8 remains to be seen." That right there is a just mountain of horse shiii!te. iPad's are not running "legacy windows apps" they are running a citrix client which is nothing more than a RDP or VNC client. I have no doubt that Citrix will provide a client for Windows 8 ARM. I have...
Umm yeah more like its the Zune interface that came before "Apple's shift"
Ahh to always be right....how does it feel? More like closed minded. Fingers are great for Angry Birds or flipping through photos, but a stylus has its place.....hence.....http://www.tenonedesign.com/sketch.php Granted your finger is probably better for your nose.
Hmm wife works for an accounting firm...99% of SMB use Quickbooks on Windows. They have had a few customers try moving to the current Mac version only to go back to the Windows version in Parrallels.
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