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iWork. All I ever need.
Iv been his all versions of iwork since it's inception. It has always worked before,
There seems to be a terrible bug in the new iWork.   I noticed that graphics whether copied jpegs from Safari or equations from grapher cannot be pasted into iWork. iWork sometimes pastes "text" when Im trying to paste a graphic.   Any workarounds?
The promotion ends September 6 which is a Friday. I guess that means Apple will release the updated MBPs on Tuesday, September 10th.
Well, the new Mac Pro has black styling .... Does is mean other pro products like the MBP will get black styling?
I'd really hate to wait that long!
I was certain apple was going to update the MBPs. Unless Mac Buyers Guide is wrong, they last received an update in June 2012 and the 13'' retina is from October aside from a lame update in February. The airs are nice, but Im not sure if that is best for me. My 2008 macbook keyboard broke in early May and Iv been holding out. How much longer? I'd hate to buy the June 2012 model and they get updated in mid July. I was fully expecting to have a new MBP preordered by now
I was at a meeting the other day with Pages open and someone saw my document and he asked, "How do you make such amazing documents?"   Again, truth be told, you can do the same thing with any modern layout program. It's just a sense of design. Most people would survive if they only had the features of MacWrite 1.0 because they make such simplistic documents.The thing I hate about Microsoft Word is how is tries to help me so much with so many features. I swear to god...
I have been using Pages/Numbers/Keynote since 2008 (almost) exclusively. I consider myself a sophisticated user and have never come across a time where iWork couldn't do what I needed to do.  OK, maybe if iWork had better equation support, that'd be nice, but I am really at a loss what more I want it do to.   I sometimes have to work with Office 2013 and it's not a pretty affair. The whole ribbon interface is a disaster. Granted, one could make beautiful documents in...
I am totally against this.   I dont care if its twice as fast and uses half as much power. I am worried about the chipline stagnating like the PPC line.   Intel is not standing still. They will always be innovating and moving forward. Lets not lose our compatiability with the rest of the world.
New Posts  All Forums: