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And for Microsoft, it's good to see content, but sincerely, without the Zune HD worldwide, what good is that content for? Zune 120GB? Owned that a while ago, but iPod Touch and iPhone are much better video players!
Gigi, it's not just that! True, it's frustrating, I'm with on that one, but think of your monthly bandwidth of 30GB with Videotron, download 8 HD movies and you've busted your limit! That's another thing that has to change, those pesky limits! Even the fastest plan at 50Mbits only has 100GB! You can bust it in less than 4.5hrs at full speed!
I should've said it, but I already checked those. They don't explain how to change the home button Tried with Google and did not find a single video/guide on the subject. Help
Hi guys, I managed to make a Franken-phone with two 3G. One had a bad screen, but great exterior and the other one was pretty beated up but the screen was recently changed, so I merged them into one. The only problem is the home button contact is broken, so I need to replace the home button from the good screen with the working home button of the bad screen. Anybody has instructions, pictures, video, etc? I'm not that great of a modder so I need help! I heard...
I got a pretty beat up iPhone 3G from my bro-in-law, it was owned by a dude that got slapped in the face by a girl thinking he was her cheating boyfriend, so the 3G went flying and ended up face down on concrete. So my bro-in-law fixed the screen and digitizer for him. He dropped it again later that week and now he wants the 3GS so my bro gave it to me. Now, I'll have to diagnose it since I think the battery swelled... I need your help for the following: *...
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