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Allow us to make face time audio calls over 3G. AT&T's audio quality is just awful
What worries me is that Touch ID is being used to authenticate App Store purchases.
It's taxes. Investors are selling off this year to avoid increases in capital gains and income taxes next year... For the middle class, now is the time to buy.
C'mon apple... WOW us... don't tell me about new (technical) features, but tell me how it's going to change the way I think about mobile phones.
While 3D Flyovers are impressive, I have to remark a feature of StreetView that I would miss: the ability to literally walk into some street shops. For example, see http://goo.gl/maps/2YJCh. Click on the double '>>' on the floor and you get to walk in and see what the shop looks like. 
Hopefully the airplay of the apple TV will be updated as to not restrict it to the 5 device limitation. I'd love for the ability to walk into an auditorium (I give a lot of presentations) and have it just work without having to worry about Apple ID authentication.
I don't think my wife and I will even come close to spending $499 on each other.. much less on our little kiddo (2 yrs).
They could possibly make the iPhone charge faster if it wasn't limited by USB voltages and current...
Mid 2011 MBP running snow leopard and it's just fine.. no real desire to upgrade.
Where do I start with this one....
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