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Keen observation... I worked for a chinese restaurant when I was younger and we usually went to Chinatown to buy supplies/bulk food. Never once in 10 years did I ever see anyone whip out a check or credit card, cash was king. Kudos to Apple for understanding the culture. I'm sure it opens doors for them that other suppliers can't match.
In the era where we are billed by the MB, I'd like a detailed disclosure of network activity (which apps are making network connections and how much are they transferring? Where are the network connections to?)
control over who, when and what texts you can receive... I'm tired of spamming texts...
It's fugly... reminds me of Game Center, which I haven't used since the first day it came out.. probably because the theme is so ugly.
Now that's a legacy I wouldn't want to hand down...
I never enjoyed programs that installed outside of /Users/myusername. Heck I get annoyed with .pkg installers that install to /Applications. (I'd rather much have a mountable dmg with an application bundle that I can drag to my desktop). If I wanted third parties to spew files all over my system, I'd go back to Windows.
It's yet another app I have to install (which surprisingly requires administrator privileges) . I enjoyed iDisk because it was an all-in-one solution that automatically came with the OS.
Just as I thought. Users are unable to save arbitrary files into the cloud. I was using iDisk as a remote data store when collecting data (on computers that were not Apple's) and then having it sync to my home compter. Now I can't do this. In order to use iCloud, the data must be saved by the app internally and use Apple's API. As much as I hate it, Dropbox will stick around on this computer when iDisk goes away.
Here's my question... will one be able to dump arbitrary files onto the cloud? Say I have an instrument which saves binary files that I've written a custom parser for in C. I normally can drag these files into iDisk. Do I need to use Apple's API just to access the cloud?
What's really interesting about including a firmware on the cable is that it has the capability to be signed. Think you're going to use some non apple generic cable? Nothing stops Apple from putting signed firmwares on these cables and making sure all its macs only use Apple cables.
New Posts  All Forums: