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but praytell why in the world does it need an Administrator password? This makes it very hard to implement on managed clients. With iDisk my clients were able to use theirs without bugging me for administrator access.
Nope not file formats. They'll put access to iCloud in Xcode and developers will have to use the framework to implement it. The end user likely won't even know what iCloud is or that it exists. The app will open up the iCloud data store and all the user will see is that their data is synced across machines. Apple has never been a fan of files and directories (I remember comments on this line when Spotlight was introduced).
So I iCloud has no way of storing arbitrary files? I imagine the sync services are wrapped behind some kind of Cocoa framework bummer.
I wondered how Apple was going to handle storing data on iCloud. "Storing documents in icloud using ios5" suggests that all iCloud related things are going to be presented as an API/Cocoa Framework? Can users still store arbitrary files on the cloud? If not, I'm going to miss my iDisk.
This comes as I pay $30 for yet another display adapter to plug my mini/macbook/imac into a standard DVI monitor. Every hardware refresh, different style ports/new adapter cables to do the same thing as the previous generation did. All for the sake of aesthetics.
IT annoys me that I can't watch local games live. I imagine all the billing is done through Apple, if I change my billing address via iTunes can I now watch local games live on the ATV 2? Or do I need to also get a proxy that's elsewhere?
So how does this differ from the beta? I have 0.9 (92) and it seems to do all that this article state (except 720p HD video which my 2007 iMac doesn't support anyway).
Out of warranty repairs (b/c Genius Bar usually can handle in-warranty repairs) don't make Apple money. Selling newer,updated devices does.
Ok does this mean I'm going to have to upgrade my PPC Dual G5 from 2004? I've held out this long... It still works great!
I certainly hope VZW/Apple figure this out.. any hiccups in this launch and most likely apple will get the blame.
New Posts  All Forums: