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If I tether and download few gigabyte file, I can't receive any calls while that download is taking place ?? That's scary.
Yes following directions will help..... in this case from getting your app pirated.
The day this happens I'm in for an aTV. But I'm sure Apple has sealed AirPlay shut for only their content.
This is great news...
Now if someone can reverse engineer airplay and make a daemon that'll show up on ATV (jailbroken or not) and stream my mkv's.
I just hope I don't have to register yet another online identity (login and password).
Those of us on a quota'd plan appreciate this. Now if we only had a way to determine how much network an App actually uses, I'd be happier. Or maybe there's an app for this?
I hope someone jailbreaks AirPlay and makes me a windows/osx/unix daemon that'll finally allow me to stream mkv's (converting on the fly) from my mac to an appletv.
Nah no RAID.. just a 130 GB SATA drive (original!).
I have a Power Mac G5 (dual 2.0 ghz) from 2004. Not a problem for what is now six years. It is currently my full time desktop computer. Meanwhile my iMac from 2007 (Snow Leopard) is slow (surprisingly slower than my PowerMac with PPC leopard). I'm convinced that Mac Pro is the best bang for your buck if you don't (want to) buy machines often.I plan to buy a Mac Pro when this one finally dies.
New Posts  All Forums: