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I'm surprised it's this low. Sorry residents of Leadville, CO. (10,152 feet)
I personally never liked rubber/grippy cases. They grab my (cloth) pockets when I pull them out.
I'm glad my iPhone is still on order. Still time to cancel if things go south .. or be pleasantly surprised if they try to compensate for this reception issue.
Can it play back 1080p mkv's?
An additional point, Macs may not have the *greatest* hardware, but for the hardware that it does have, it does what it needs to do much better than PCs because of the hardware optimization that can only be done when the user's exact hardware configuration can be known. Game development for a Mac is similar to developing for a console: the hardware specifications are exact and the same across the entire product line which leads to better programming since you're not...
If the leaked beta screen shots I've seen are true, I'm disappointed that Valve decided to go with their own ugly UI on my beautiful Mac desktop instead of using the native Mac gui toolkit. Nothing jaratees mac users more than disrupting our gorgeous desktops.
I dunno, as a solid gamer, I would invest in a Mac Pro. I'd just hope that I'd be able to upgrade the video card in a few years. I invested in a Power Mac Dual G5 in 2004. I'm still using it six years later, and it is still as snappy as the day I got it (running Leopard).
I was initially wondering what happened to the stylus with this thing. I can now see Apple or a third party providing a stylus to use with the iPad if someone so wanted. I mean with the touch screen, the technology is already there.... Now to work on the handwriting character recognition element......
The rest of us are now 'specialized' users. Clearly Apple is thinking of the 'casual' users, which now seem to be outnumbering the 'specialized' users by a large majority. This is very reminiscent of what is happening in the PC gamers vs couch gamers (i.e. PC gaming vs PS3/XBOX/Wii) gaming. In that business PS3/XBox/Wii is spanking (in terms of sales) the PC gamers because many people just want the damn thing to work and casually play it from their couch. But I digress....
Apple doesn't develop products for 10 years ago, it's thinking about things that'll be relevant 10 years from now. Not including printing functions would be an indicator that it doesn't consider print or even physical media for that matter to be important. (iPod and digital music, iPad with digital ebooks...). I'd imagine the emphasis for the iWork package on the iPad will be to share documents electronically (who knows if they'll even include a print function in it)....
New Posts  All Forums: