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Printing things is so last decade. Need a recipe? Kick out that cookbook and prop up your iPad on the kitchen counter (though if you're like me, you'll get it all grubby from flipping through it while chopping onions). Need you e-ticket? These days you unfortunately still need a piece of paper for TSA to write some crap on to pass through security. You can print these out using the airport's printer at their self checkins using your confirmation number, i.e. no need to...
I've always been jarateed that you can't use a bluetooth headset with the iPod touch. I hope they unlock this BT profile in future OS updates as it's precluded me from using VoIP on anything besides the iPhone.
Are they still going to cripple the bluetooth as to not allow bluetooth mic headsets? This always jarateed me with the iPod Touch and pretty much killed any desire for VoIP on the iPhone OS without the iPhone.
Unlimited data plans are a huge mistake for AT&T; too many people not enough resources. It was for the iPhone and now it'll be even worse with the iPad. Interestingly though is that AT&T is considering quota limits on their network.. Will this extend to the iPhone? If Apple gets Verizon (who surely will demand quotas on their network)I bet it's in the future for AT&T.
Charge $$ per x megabytes per mo and extra $$ for overages, much like your data plans right now. Learn from AT&T. You give people unlimited data access and it's rife for abuse. I enjoy VZW network because it's not congested, all my calls go through and the data speed is as advertised. Any of this gets compromised with these iPhone freeloaders, I'm moving to T-mobile or Sprint.
Yes, which is bad news for us Verizon Wireless users who enjoyed a relatively uncongested network for this long. Honestly whatever deal Verizon negotiates with Apple, if they don't utilize a tiered pricing scheme ($$$ per X number of bytes per mo) their network is going to get crippled just like AT&T. You give people unlimited bandwith/download quotas and they'll freeload all day.
See http://lists.mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/...ne/003218.html or google ffmpeg ipod .
Can we have High Profile support for H264 in quicktime?!
New Posts  All Forums: