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I really hope that the stylus will work on existing iPad models and just requires iOS9 to work as that has been one of the issues iPad has had for years compared to Android models supporting a wide variety of stylus systems.
 Actually it already does. Check out their website on how to turn on the "vectormator" mode. Granted, it's nowhere near as good as what vector-only apps can offer but it's a start and a good way to combine working with bitmap and vector at the same time. For vector work, personally I've been very impressed by Sketch but it looks like there are other good looking options around. The only thing Illustrator has going for it is that it can handle very complex vector files...
First of all, you can't compare visual latency with touch latency with audio latency. Display latency is not just the more than dubiously reported value from the manufacturer spec sheet. Audio latency is not just the buffer size in your ASIO/CoreAudio driver settings. There are lots of components in the chain that can add their own latency, from DSP processors (usually minimal) to graphics card, input devices etc.   Did you guys know, that on mobile Safari there is a...
I've been a Path Finder user for years because I find Finder quite infuriating to use. One reason was the lack of tabs and another the lack of sensible sorting. The "show a mash of files and folders sorted by name" is just awful compared to the "folders first, files after, sorted by desired criteria" method employed in Windows. Nice to see at least one problem go away. I think why it took so long is that a file browser isn't exactly something that comes as a big feature -...
So it's expensive, impacts battery life and reception all for better looks than a 5e plastic bumper? To me a bumper just needs to fix my iPhone 4's reception issues, provide some protection and add some grip so it doesn't slip from my hands. Again, a cheap TPU bumper is fine for that.
The lack of extension support on mobile browsers is really annoying. That's why I haven't bothered with 1Password on mobile though I love it on the desktop.
  I agree about the destructive filters but not necessarily about the rest. I think the rest of the UI works quite nicely, though I wish they had the option to turn on an application frame like you can in Photoshop. Pixelmator is intentionally aping the PS UI because it is familiar to most graphic designers. Where Adobe went wrong was that they piled features on top without any regard to how they should work and how they should fit in the UI. I think Pixelmator does a...
This seems like something as crap as the rumored Galaxy S4 Mini - yesteryear's innards paired with a display that is too low res for something with a screen this big. Hopefully it's at least cheap. Seriously, why can't they just make a proper smaller version of their phones?
It's actually rather honest marketing. iPhone 4S was just a spec bump and the same will likely be true for 5S.   I'd rather have clear simple names like these than the ridiculous "One X", "Hero", "Legendary" or "no sorry this is the latest model but its model number is less than the one last year" that other manufacturers do.
I really hope more info of this comes out. I bought an iPad 3 about 18 days ago so can't return it but would love to exchange it.
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