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Bah new Podcasts app for iOS crashes after around 10 seconds, every time.
Back to basics. Back to copying Apple.
SoSomebody wants a cookie.
If you use screen sharing a lot you should invest in Apple's Remote Desktop 3.5. Drag-and-drop has been a feature for years.
Oh so they'll actually install and then transfer the old hard drive? Still, they should pay for a cab. :/
Sigh, I got that. What a pain in the ass having to bring this 27" iMac somewhere...
Sorry to resurrect this thread. If you're still around, could you share what you ended up doing? I'm taking a trip to Austria and was wondering the same.
Ugh, I just bought an iMac!!
Wow! Bring it on!
Thanks, I'll look around. I own a early 2008 MBP and it has been my only computer for most of the time since then. Then I got an iPad and a funny thing happened, I anchored my MBP down to my desk and haven't moved it since (I never take it out the house). So now that I'm pretty much attached to my desk I might as well get all the benefits of a desktop and these new iMacs are looking sweet! Yea nothing to do with anything really, just my personal story that I just forced...
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