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Thanks, I'll look around. I own a early 2008 MBP and it has been my only computer for most of the time since then. Then I got an iPad and a funny thing happened, I anchored my MBP down to my desk and haven't moved it since (I never take it out the house). So now that I'm pretty much attached to my desk I might as well get all the benefits of a desktop and these new iMacs are looking sweet! Yea nothing to do with anything really, just my personal story that I just forced...
Good review but how did the Quad-Core i5 (2.8Ghz) ($1999 pricepoint) stack up in the benchmarks? Would have been nice to see some hard numbers for that. Thanks.
About time they came out and said *something* about this. I see free bumpers in the near future. Perhaps the white iPhone to offset some of the negative press to come of the event?
In Soviet Russia, phone steals YOU! Thank you, thank you... I'll be here all week!
Doesn't seem like it today but I'll hold onto my stock that's for sure.
I've enjoyed this review so far but it comes with far too many grammatical errors to keep my focus. Is there no editor at AI? \
What about the SoHo store?? Has a line formed there yet? I'm going to go to SoHo tonight at 3AM!
Not fair!!!
Not sure if this is allowed but... http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=943868
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