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Well yes but I imagine this is how it will go. Nobody has been able to pre-order the white iPhone so if indeed they have some they will only be for sale. Why wouldn't they sell these white iPhones to anyone who was loyal enough to pre-order and then wait 4 hours in line to be among one of the first? I don't think that will be an issue. Or I hope, anyway.
If this is true then Apple better have a few surprise white units themselves, in which case I will go at 4AM to wait on line WITH my pre-order and get the white instead. I MUST HAVE THE WHITE!
Oh well but I still think a Microsoft announcement will be made of some sort. Probably Bing as the default search engine to combat Google.
Two dinosaurs getting together...
Sounds good to me, bring it AAPL!
With all this good news why is the stock price tanking?
I think my life is now complete... bring on the next iPhone, 4.0 and this.
Good! Give it away for free then. I mean $10 and it'll still have ads? I wouldn't have bit anyway.
That's not the issue. The developer didn't use the private API calls, they coded their own for achieving the same functionality. Apple blocked it based on the behavior being the same as what is associated with their own apps.
No I don't think you read that correctly. iPads are eligible for a free upgrade to the next MAJOR version of the OS. So you bought 3.2 iPad, you'll be able to upgrade to 4.x for free. If you were to buy a 4.0 iPad in a few months you'd get 5.x for free. Etc. Not sure if they only did this because 4.0 was right around the corner or if this will be the rule going forward.
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