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Re: Camera support The official Apple iPad spec page has a camera adapter listed on the bottom under Accessories. I do wish it was built in though. This thing looks like a dud iPad Camera Connection Kit The Camera Connection Kit gives you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera. The Camera Connector lets you import your photos and videos to iPad using the camera’s USB cable. Or you can use the SD Card Reader to import photos and videos...
Fix NYC, AT&T. I'm in downtown Manhattan and I get my calls dropped consistently and I'm just not able to get online (despite "showing" full bars with 3G) at all? Really? Abso-fcuking-ridiculous. When, not if, but when, the iPhone becomes available on another carrier, I will switch. And many others will as well, mark my words.
Well, you can't hack me, I've had my SMS disabled by AT&T since I got my iPhone.
Can we just get the stock price > 100 so that I can dump these?
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