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  I was mildly surprised. But then again, you can buy a new iPhone 3GS from Apple today, but not a new first-gen iPad.   I've got a third-gen iPod touch, which also isn't supported, even though it's basically an iPhone 3GS minus the phone. I don't think it's anything to get upset over. Three years of running the current iOS isn't bad, especially since the AppleCare only covers two years.
  I just wanted to point out that this isn't a compatibility problem, it's a greed problem. Will Virgin allow the iPhone to use that same prepaid plans that all other prepaid phones can choose from, or will they be forced into a higher priced iPhone plan?
But we already have Marathon for Lion. I can't force you to enjoy it, though.
The cheapest data plan is $15 per month, the cheapest voice plan is $40. Actually, they do have cheaper voice plans, but not for iPhone users. It's hard to see the data plan as the problem when voice is almost three times as expensive.
That is the definition for pre-installed software. Crapware has a seperate definition a little further down the page.These apps are useless to me as well, but they aren't trying to sell me anything, or push ads in my face either. They sit in a folder, on the third page, nearly forgotten about. Just because I don't use these apps, doesn't make them crapware though.
Amazon.com saysOn the details page, about halfway down.Amazon will sell the box to anyone, but what use is it without a serial number?
"Hey, Daniel, what does the scouting report say about their sales levels?" Dan crushes the report, "It's under nine thousand!" "What!? This old joke again!?" Sorry couldn't resist. Seriously, I am overwhelmed that HP was only prepared to sell such an underwhelming number of these. Especially after the way they and MS kept talking these thing up.
Funny you should say that, because Final Fantasy is on the iOS. Not that either system is going to see a new FF from the main series. Only classic games re-released and dumbed down spin-offs.
I was really surprised to see the prices match up exactly, but I think it is the only way for Apple to be seen as not favoring one carrier over the other. The other thing is that there are advantages to the Verizon MiFi, namely that you can connect multiple devices to it, whereas the iPad+3G cannot currently tether. If you only have an iPad, then the AT&T setup is more convenient, but if you already have multiple devices, adding a MiFi shouldn't be a big deal.
Most of Apple's 64 bit applications are actually 32 and 64 bit in the same bundle. iTunes is the only program from Apple that isn't 64 bit on my system, and I know these programs still run on the first Intel Macs, which were 32 bit. Apple made a big deal about how easy it was going to be to have this universal binary that had PPC, Intel, 32, and 64 bit all in one application bundle, so the fact that the application that is at the heart of the iPod/iPhone ecosystem hasn't...
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