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Isn't iSuppli the same group who did an "estimated" materials cost estimate for the iPad back in February, despite not having an actual iPad to teardown?
This wasn't mentioned in the article, but I thought people here might like to know that Epic Citadel is currently free on iTunes.
I have.
According to the developer, the bug was in Safari, not in the extension. He says this bug is fixed in Safari 5.0.1. For what it's worth, I experienced a lot of crashes under Safari 5.0 due to that extension, but none (yet) with Safari 5.0.1. Oh yeah, Javascript Blacklist link would be helpful, right?
Why is it that so many people keep saying this even though the solution is stupid obvious? Just redesign the back of the iMac so it can be taken off its stand and put flat on the desk. The iMac's chin becomes a wrist rest. Go check out the picures of the Wacom Cintiq is you need help imagining how this could work. There are other reasons why a direct touchscreen interface is poorly suited to Mac OS X, but I think they could eventually be solved as well, if Apple wanted...
0รท0=Error!Also, which is better, $1 to watch it once, or $2 to own and watch as many times and whenever you want? Or better yet find a place to watch it free, I mean legal places like Hulu. (Cue the people who insist all the legal free options like Hulu will eventually be paid access only.)
You can get your packaging box in any color you want, as long as it is brown.
I understand how you feel, but based on how Apple has been taking longer and longer between each OS X release, I wasn't expecting 10.7 until around August 2011 anyway. This year may be all about the iPhone/iPad, but next year will bring back the Mac, 'cause if they don't :shakes fist:
Will this still be true now that it is out of beta? I mean the beta for the next version will probably be updated swiftly, but stable usually means updated infrequently and only when needed. Also, if you like cutting edge, have you tried Webkit nightlies? http://nightly.webkit.org/ It uses the same interface as Safari, and even shares bookmarks, so you can always go back incase the latest nightly is too buggy.
Before you start feeling too persecuted, remember Valve Time. They jerk everybody around. So they really are treating Mac and Windows users equally. It may not be what we wanted, but it is what we (unknowingly) asked for.
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