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I'm just going to leave this here. Mac OS X Discussion Thread on Steam User Forums There's some information there, particularly about non Valve games that will be available, that wasn't in the AI article. The whole thread is over 5,000 posts but the first has been updated and is a pretty good summary of the whole thread.
Microsoft is already doing exactly that with their Windows Mobile Marketplace. Nobody seems to be up in arms about that.I don't recall Apple ever not "approving" Windows Media for Mac OS. Apple hasn't blocked Flash from Mac OS either. Or were you referring to the fact that as a convicted monopolist, Microsoft has to play by different rules than other, non-monopoly companies like Apple?There's an unpleasant amount of false comparisons and off topic posts too. What were we...
The link in the article worked for me, even though I had clicked it after Cougar's post. If they had really wanted to stop people from signing up, they would have disabled or moved the sign-up page itself, not merely removed their link to it. On the other hand, odds are pretty good that they want people who are already steam customers who own some of the games being ported to Mac such as Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. There might be other requirements...
I'd say that Mac OS X is already ahead, so it'll actually widen the gap. You've got a few interesting suggestions, but you also seem to be missing a bit of info on how Snow Leopard works...Customize the Finder toolbar. Add the Path button to move to higher folders, and the Delete button does what it saysIn SL, you can copy and paste, but not cut. What happens if a file is "cut" but not pasted, should the file be deleted or restored to its former place? The former is an...
The existing port to FreeBSD is unfinished, and is missing many optimizations found in the Mac version. Benchmarking at this point might be a little premature.But don't just take my word for it, get the story straight from the daemon's mouth.
To be clear, this only applies to the use of the "Mighty Mouse" name when it comes to computer mice / "cursor control devices." So CBS will not have to rename their animated superhero rodent.
I almost hope you are trolling here, because if this is your genuine opinion, then your ignorance of U.S. law is frightening. 1) Apple does not need to prove their innocence. No defendant does. U.S. courts do not decide guilt or innocence, it is guilty or not-guilty. A subtle but important difference. Also, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. If that isn't met then the defendant doesn't need to do anything. 2) Corporations do not feel embarrassment, nor the need to...
Is it just me, or is this a completely unnecessary statement? We've already read Apple's letter to the FCC, so we already know that Apple disagrees. Moreover, this just seems to justify Google's initial decision to black-out their response. I'd say Apple's behavior here is childish, but between this, Kanye West, and congressman Joe Wilson... maybe my expectations for the human race in general are just too high.
It could be that both are true. "Palm Pre beats expectations" only talks about one specific device doing well, not the company as a whole.
The online store currently says shipping in 1-3 days, not weeks, so no. On the other hand, odds are good that someone will do a tear-down over the weekend, so at least that question will be answered.Because Mr. Jobs has never made deliberately misleading statements to the press before.
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