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The map data could be downloaded to the iPod so it would still be available even when the internet is not. I don't know if Google maps can do this now, but I think some third party software, like Tom-Tom does. Also, the GPS can be put into geo-location tags on all those photos people will upload to Flickr.
Does anyone else think this sounds like meaningless technobabble? I could understand if they said they needed to upgrade their base stations, but calibrate them? What are they gonna do? Tilt the antennae 5° to the left?
Personally, I hope they use Lion for 10.9, save the best for last, right. Maybe use the tag line "It's good to be king." After that, come up with a whole new naming scheme. Maybe something musical? "Mac OS XI. This one goes to eleven."
Not yet, but I can get verification for you in about 48 hours. On a slightly more serious note, why are you so angry about this? Did 10A432 kick your dog or something?
I think he meant that it is technically possible to do this, not that it is allowed by the EULA. There is no enforcement mechanism, so it is entirely on the honor system. I know there are cheats out there, but even so, I hope Apple doesn't change things. Over on the Windows side, the pirates are all using cracked copies, and only the legitimate users are hassled when the so called "anti-piracy" measures malfunction. I hope I don't live to see the day when Apple customers...
Haven't those guys been shut down yet? Or maybe they've been converted to the honeypot bay. For an OS that's been nearly two years in the making (10.5 was released in Oct '07) and you can't wait two more weeks, give or take?
I just checked Apple's page for Snow Leopard system requirements http://www.apple.com/macosx/specs.html and it says only that "64-bit support requires a Mac with a 64-bit (Intel) processor." would this be considered false advertising if some Macs with 64-bit processors can't run SL in 64-bit mode? Especially since we're talking about some currently shipping machines, like the MacBook. Also, on the same page, it says "QuickTime H.264 hardware acceleration requires a Mac...
Cell phone companies have always been able to track the location of you cell phone. It is necessary to do this to receive calls, and pay roaming charges. The US Government claiming that this info isn't secret and should be obtainable without a warrant might be "scary as hell", but you having access to the location of your own phone seems kind of obvious.
This sounds a lot like the battery "exploded", which is a lawsuit worthy event. Whether this was a one-off defective unit, a design flaw, or just a badly abused unit will be found out later (I hope). Suing the entire supply chain, including the retail clerk who rang up the purchase, sounds like the action of a paranoid conspiracy nut, or an extremely overachieving lawyer.
How do you figure that? It's called lossless because it doesn't lose any quality.
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