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Considering that real world speed tests show USB 2.0 delivering no more than half of its promised speed, any bets on how much of this promised 5 gigabits USB 3 will actually have? I think it'll be noticeably slower than Firewire 3200, whenever these new devices start shipping that is. Also, now that Apple has shipped a new Mini, with Firewire 800 no less, can we stop with the "firewire is dying" meme? Only the MacBook and MacBook Air lack firewire, and neither has the...
According to the Mini's tech specs page, the high end version has a 2.26 GHz chip. Edit: Oops, its build-to-order only.
I love how Ballmer separates the "consumer market" from the "real market". At first I thought it was weird how he puts Android in the "real market", but then I realized how consistent it was for him to do that. Any competitor they can't beat isn't real, only those they can beat are real. See their explanation on how the XBox 360 doesn't really compete against the Wii. I guess in Ballmer's World, Windows still holds over 98% of the "real" desktop market.
Yes, Apple bumped the price of the Mini back in 2006 when they switched to Intel chips. That was a major reworking of the Mini's internals, not just a price increase on the same old model. Even so, the Mini is still the cheapest Mac available. The low-end white MacBook is %50 more expensive, and the iMac is nearly twice the price. As someone who wants to buy a new Mini when they are available, I'd love to spend as little as possible, but I don't think $600 is...
It just occurred to me that this might be the most important quote in the article.This is pretty much a 180 from where they were before, claiming flash would be ready "in a very short time" and just needed Apple's approval.
I don't care either way about Flash on the iPhone, as long as it doesn't suck. Having Flash on the iPhone is more important to Adobe than it is to Apple, so hopefully Apple can use this to negotiate a few things out of Adobe. At the very least improving the Mac desktop version of Flash. Maybe improving the interface in the Adobe Creative Suite. Any other ideas on what Adobe should do to earn a spot on the iPhone for Flash?
The one thing Safari really needs is to integrate WebKit updates more frequently. You could download a WebKit nightly that passed Acid 3 all the way back in March of '08. Ten months later and the current shipping Safari still gets only 75, last I heard. The cynic in me says that even when Safari 4 ships, it will be at least six months behind the WebKit nightly.
I'm a little disappointed that IE 7 wasn't included in the tests. I don't think IE 8 is going to steal many users away from the competition, but rather most IE 8 users will be upgrading from previous versions. It's easy to say that IE 8 is better and faster, but I'm still curious has to how much faster. Also, If IE were to be unbundled from Windows, computer makers would still be able to bundle any web browser they wanted. We could also see a return of ISPs offering a...
Malicious software can spread itself in many different ways. However, there is no evidence that this is spreading itself by any means other than infected pirate software. Mostly I was laughing at the unintentional implied approval of pirating software, and also that every article or press release put out by an anti-virus company eventually ends as an advertisement for their products.
I think my favorite part was right after they say how you are perfectly safe from this Trojan as long as you don't pirate software, but then go on to say how you can pirate in safety if you just buy their software first.
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