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One might even call it a mockup cockup(for the Brits ).
I’m not sure how you figure that.You say: All the apps should be unified on iOS.And I say: No, they really shouldn’t, and what’s more, we should take the app that is unified on OS X (iTunes), and split it up into several apps.I really don’t get how you think that is me agreeing with your concept. Are you a politician?
These are terrible ideas, with the possible exception of merging Find my iPhone and Find my Friends. For media, seperate apps are superior as the interface can be optimised for the specifc media that the app has to deal with, and the library databases are smaller so each app is less likely to become sluggish.What irritates me is that Apple hasn’t done the same thing in OS X. Instead, we have this behemoth app iTunes that tries to do everything, and stores all media in...
I also think we should commiserate with Kasper's Automated Slave that it isn’t getting any (sexual activity that is, not cervical mucus!).
How exactly does one judge "Cervical Mucus Quality”? And does it have a numerical scale or is it qualitative?
There’s no such thing as “active copper” so it’s a bit of a misleading name. The wire itself is still just standard copper, but in an active cable, the plugs contain super-high-speed transmit and receive integrated circuits that require power to function.
I was referring to Thunderbolt in general, rather than version 3 specifically. It seems highly unlikely that the MacBook will get Thunderbolt at any point in the near (2 - 3 years) future. I think the best that can be hoped for in that timeframe is full USB3.1.
The main reasons the MacBook doesn't have Thunderbolt are:1. The controller is huge, relative to the size of the MacBook's motherboard2. The controller power consumption is also relatively huge (it has about the same power consumption as a MacBook does, in total - motherboard + screen + etc.)
How so?
I use the Mac version, the Chrome version (on Windows 7), and the iOS version. Not buggy. Not sucky. Sorry it didn’t work out for you.
New Posts  All Forums: