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For me, text selection works better than ever in iOS 9. Currently I'm using an iPhone 6, before that was an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 & 7, and an iPhone 3G running iOS 4
I genuinely do not believe my answer to be diversionary - the parallels between the two companies and the nature of their respective innovation are numerous.But, since you insist. Tesla’s use of “industry standard” lithium cells is, in and of itself, innovative. The way that they are packaged, in a removable armoured floor of the car (battery can be swapped in
That was not a non-answer. Or do you subscribe to the point of view that because Apple didn’t do the first portable media player, touch-screen phone, tablet, or smart watch, that Apple is not innovative? It is *exactly* the same argument that you used against Tesla. You can’t have it both ways, either Tesla is innovative for the same reasons Apple is innovative, or neither are innovative because they didn’t do anything “first”.
You do realise that this is exactly the same kind of argument that Apple-haters use to claim that Apple is not innovative?Apple didn't make the first portable media player, Apple didn't make the first touch-screen phone, Apple didn't make the first tablet, Apple didn't make the first smart watch - therefore Apple is not innovative. Additionally, their versions of all these products are overpriced toys. You and I both know that this argument is horseshit. That what makes...
I totally disagree with those who think this watch is ugly. I much prefer a round watch so I was massively disappointed when the Apple Watch turned out to be rectangular. This Huawei looks to be one of the best round smart watches so far - with iOS support coming I may even be tempted by a silver coloured one. I'll need to check it out in the flesh. That having been said, I assume that Android Wear iOS support won't stretch to Apple Pay. For me, Apple Pay may just be the...
I think it’s just going to be “luck of the draw” on the temperament of the genius who serves you. I guess if the first visit is unsuccessful, you can just keep on making genius appointments at different stores until you get the answer you want.It’s a very strange failure that you have there. Perhaps a manufacturing defect where the case at that point was milled a bit too deep so the aluminium wall was extremely thin?
You are desperately confused about the point I am trying to make. You don’t need to argue with me about whether this guy’s tests were scientific or not. The point I was countering was whether he “spread lies”. Buying a brand new phone and then bending it with his bare hands, live on video, is not “lying” or “spreading lies”.I just watched the original video again and he does say “in the name of science” quite often, so I understand people being a bit annoyed that the test...
Why? The squirming was due to the slippery nature of the plastic blocks that contact the test piece, but there's still only one way the force can ultimately go - through the test piece to the scales.
You need to read my post again. What I said was a fact is that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bend more easily than some other smartphones. You said that in more scientific tests, the iPhones were "mid range in how it reacted to pressure”, so you have in fact confirmed that my statement of fact is indeed correct and not a lie.I think in the original video, there were edits and this raised doubts in some people (understandably). So he did another one where he unboxed a brand new...
He did not "spread lies". He bent an iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands with relative ease, and couldn't do similar with some other phones. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus do both bend more easily than some other smartphones; this is just a fact and you not liking it isn't going to change facts into lies. Whether it's a problem - as in a real-life issue for normal people on a day-day basis - or not, that is a different matter.
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