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So? She didn't change her number. I don't think it's acceptable that iMessage should irreversibly hijack your mobile number, for a multitude of reasons including that it is anticompetitive. Tell me straight that if Android did something similar you wouldn't be ripping into Google about it.Irrelevant.
Now this is just trolling.Are you reading any of the replies that have been directed at you? Do you acknowledge that turning iMessage off is not always simple, elegant, or even possible without having to contact all of your contacts?It is simply not acceptable that people should need to get their contacts to make changes in order to start receiving SMSs properly.
I'm glad to hear it works for you. However, one of the major issues here is that the simple "turn it off on your device" method, does not always work.
Exactly. Apple's support page on iMessage doesn't even mention it! I seriously doubt that the supportprofile route is the piece of the puzzle missed by those that are having issues.Apple's support page on iMessage states that in order to stop being a part of iMessage, you just have to turn it off on your device. This is demonstrably not true. There is a real issue here and Apple should fix it.
Way to prove you have failed to read and understand the issues raised in this thread.You do know that even when people do all the things they are "supposed" to do, it sometimes still doesn't work and they don't receive messages?Do you actually have any evidence that this method works? Have you ever done it yourself? Did you know about the supportprofile site before? There's plenty of evidence that even when people follow the non-obvious steps to try and extricate...
I think suing is way over the top, but this is a problem for which Apple needs to develop a better solution. It's too easy to be ignorant of the fact that - or to forget that - you need to deactivate iMessage before moving to a different type of phone. Similarly, it can be easy, when selling a device, to forget to deactivate it for iTunes purchases. Normally, you can only deactivate a device from that specific device, but if you've already sold it, it can be too late. In...
I hope it works out for you. Out of interest which Apple Store did you have problems with?
Good! I was getting wondering how come it was only US and Canada customers being treated fairly.
AAC is not Apple's "codex" (the word is "codec" by the way).Both ALAC and FLAC can have metadata embedded. It is WAV that does not support metadata and that's one of the reasons why AIFF is a superior file format to WAV despite both using the same method/encoding to represent the audio data.ALAC and FLAC are both lossless so achieve exactly the same audio quality. ALAC has also been open-sourced by Apple. Determining which is better than the other requires close attention...
You're right. Digital is better in every conceivable way. Except that some people who don't understand it convince themselves that it must be worse than vinyl and go on to perform poorly or not-at-all controlled comparisons which - surprise, surprise - reinforce their original viewpoint.This.This can quite often be the cause of vinyl sounding better - whilst it is worse in every way as a medium compared to CD (dynamic range, frequency response, wow & flutter, distortion)...
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