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The CEO and other directors of GTAT should go to prison for fraud. Shocking that this doesn't appear to be on the cards. They get to laugh all the way to the bank whilst 650 people have lost their jobs, and investors have taken very heavy losses.
I hope Angela is going to sort this shit out once and for all! 2014 and Apple still can't update the store without taking the whole thing down, and still can't implement a user-friendly traffic management system for big launches.
Good point.
Interesting that the iPhone 6 Plus seems to have sold out much quicker than the 4.7". I wonder what split Apple were expecting? Is the iPhone 6 Plus more popular than the 4.7" or are there just not as many available? (Ordered a 4.7" myself).
At the UK Apple Store, managed to order an iPhone 6 128 GB Space Grey, with alleged 19th Sep delivery. Woot! Sorry people in the States still seem to be having issues
Is that post directed at me?Normally I’d delete the post and give you an infraction for making a personal attack but as an interested party that probably wouldn’t be appropriate.Thank you for spelling “you’re” correctly.
No, you’re not the only one. Lots of people got a bee in their bonnet about that one. I did not partake in the thread dedicated to that piece of news as so many people seemed to be (deliberately or not, I’m not sure) misunderstanding what is going on.Those who were upset about the issue were assuming that it meant that Apple hires based on race/religion/orientation etc. etc. in order to meet diversity targets, rather than hiring the best candidate for the job. I do not...
You can already do that. Once you are in the “computers” section on the remote app, there is a search button in the row of icons along the bottom of the screen.Typical AppleTV power usage is between 1 and 2 watts when active.
Exactly. If you recall, when the rMBP was first launched, Apple kept the optical-drive equipped 15” model around, and that was then dropped with the third revision to the rMBP (October 2013). Clearly the sales of the non-retina version of the 15” model had reached that tipping point where Apple felt it was no longer viable. If Apple are keeping the optical drive 13” MBP there’s a reason - enough people are still buying them!
When the Retina MBP was released the exchange rate was £1 = $1.55, now it’s £1 = $1.69, so any change should be in the direction I was hoping for.
New Posts  All Forums: