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Off-topic posts about OS X’s spell checker have been moved to their own thread.
Presumably by "PC world” you mean Windows? I’ve used spell checkers in Windows programs and many are better than OS X’s built-in checker.Inkling’s post may be poorly written and originally (before I split into its own thread) off-topic, but he is correct that OS X’s spell checker has a very limited vocab, is easily confused by simple spelling errors, and doesn’t know how to hyphenate.
Classic fanboi reactions to legitimate criticism of OS X.OS X's built-in spell check is shit, and it would be nice if it wasn't.
This seems fair enough, as long as companies don't end up having to pay tax on that profit in the local jurisdiction as well. It seems to be what Apple having been lobying for (being able to repatriate foreign earnings at a rate significantly lower than 35%), although probably not as large a rate reduction as they were hoping for!
Your assertion is that everyone is coerced into being sexual. I suggest that people are asexual (do not have sexual desire) before puberty, and sexual (have sexual desires) during/after puberty, and that coercion has nothing to do with it.Again, your assertion is that everyone is coerced into being sexual. Given that I had sexual desires long before I ever had sex, who or what “coerced” me into being sexual, and what was their motive, given that they didn’t actually...
Without coercion, people don’t go through puberty?Believe me, I wish I was coerced into being sexual, because presumably that would have meant I wouln’t have had to wait until I was 24 to lose my virginity. I had sexual desires for 12 years before I ever had sex! How does that fit into your view that everyone is coerced into being sexual?
You haven’t addressed this. Or are you saying that everyone is coerced into being sexual, whether that be straight, gay or something in between?This does not correlate with your repeated assertion that all gay people are “victims”.
My point has quite a lot to do with yours. You are suggesting that all gay people are coerced into being gay by older gay people. This very much implies that sexuality is not innate, hence my repeated questions about when people chose to be straight.I know that I did not choose to be straight. I was not coerced into being straight. I just am straight. As I said before, the thought or sight of attractive naked women makes me horny and I enjoy having sex with women. It would...
Yes.Depends what aspect of a person we are talking about. No amount of nurturing is going to change my skin colour, hair colour, or eye colour for example. There are some aspects of a person that are much more heavily influenced by genes than by their upbringing.And, I note that you still haven’t told us when you chose to be straight.
You obviously haven’t ever heard of dominant and recessive genes. Not to mention that genetics is far more complicatied than what’s taught at high-school level. The current thinking is that sexual orientation is a result of the combination of genes and the environment in the womb. Various genes can be “activated” or not depending on specific conditions - so two embryos with identical DNA can turn out differently depending upon the specific immediate environment in the womb...
New Posts  All Forums: