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Yes, that’s a fair point. I do think that the fact remains, it can serve as some inspiration, to remind people that there are some fonts that consist of images rather than letters. Thus the monogram feature could be more interesting to you if you hadn’t considered that before.For the avoidance of doubt, I have absolutely nothing to do with the content of AI articles, and no remit whatsoever to defend them or otherwise.
And the people who realise that you can apply the same procedure to other characters not just the Apple logo. See the post below yours.
Off topic posts have been deleted.
Yes, let's please not have any more arm-hair comments.I'd like to know if it's possible to make the monogram any larger?
This is certainly true, but do you really think that TSMC/Samsung charge the same rate to all customers? It’s clear that Apple are playing TSMC and Samsumg off against each other - how can iSuppli possibly know, legally, what TSMC/Samsung charge Apple?
Exactly. None of these numbers factor into the gross margin on a product. A product’s gross margin is equal to the difference in sell price vs. price of parts + manufacturing + shipping, and that’s it. All this other stuff contributes to Apple’s operating costs and it’s why operating margins are always significantly lower than gross margins.What Tim Cook was saying, is that even the estimates of the parts costs are totally wrong. I’m not surprised. How on earth can iSuppli...
Yes, I was surprised by that as well. I thought that the margins on the bands in particular must be astronomical, but clearly not. As usual with Apple, you get what you pay for and quality costs money.
Off-topic posts about OS X’s spell checker have been moved to their own thread.
Presumably by "PC world” you mean Windows? I’ve used spell checkers in Windows programs and many are better than OS X’s built-in checker.Inkling’s post may be poorly written and originally (before I split into its own thread) off-topic, but he is correct that OS X’s spell checker has a very limited vocab, is easily confused by simple spelling errors, and doesn’t know how to hyphenate.
Classic fanboi reactions to legitimate criticism of OS X.OS X's built-in spell check is shit, and it would be nice if it wasn't.
New Posts  All Forums: