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If it was invoiced before June 6, you're out of luck. Lion is only $30, so I wouldn't worry too much.
Why not all computers while you're at it. \
Wow! I haven't looked at TVs in stores for a while. Seems I'll have to stick with my 37" matte LG HDTV forever, if this is the trend.
With a big glossy reflective screen...oh boy!
Because they each come in multiple colors, the shuffle and the nano could be way down on the list, even if, overall, they're selling like hotcakes. This kind of tracking skews the rankings a bit, doesn't it?
I don't doubt that. The main function controls I use on my iPod are skip, pause, play and volume. Nothing else much matters when I'm listening on shuffle-play (95% of the time). Those functions are more difficult with a touch than they are a click wheel. (You have to look at it first, can't do it with gloves on, etc.) In any case, I hope Apple rethinks the use of the click wheel and doesn't abandon it.
Sorry, I don't understand how that would work. I tried a touch screen iPod nano at the Apple Store one day and walked away laughing. Touch screens are fine for games, internet and such.
The real scare from this story is that Apple might no longer make a click wheel iPod. That would be truly sad, since the click wheel is by far the best interface for a music player.
Like the Mac minis, iPad prices go up $100 in the second year. \
I've never understood people who are into collectibles and such things.
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