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phil please stop this "idea not patentable" crap. in hi-tech world, idea most of time is the implementation. loving tech does not mean you know/understand the tech.   
not sure where that 700M number come from. but one thing for sure is that lot of iPhone users in china are starting to have 2 iPhones in hand: one for regular usage, while another one is reserved exclusively for banking/online payment etc. online payment over phone is very good in china, but ppl lost confidence on security.  of course, these folks can afford iPhone and money is not issue for them as i guess. Originally Posted by tooltalk 
according to WS, apple should have been liquidated around 1998, or well before that.
can't apple use sapphire to make a 100% sapphire iPhone? 
but the competition from samsung does not allow apple to raise iPhone price too much. current 5s/c's pricings are inline with samsung's offers, if not more. if bigger iPhone is required another $100 more, it would defeat the whole purpose.  it is a good run for apple keeping the same iPhone production line for almost 7 years. for bigger iPhone, it is hard for apple to recover from those overhead cost for new production line in shorter term, except a new category device...
i do want to get a 128GB iPhone for sure if they provide one, but i prefer it on smaller phone though it would be hard to stuff that much in. from production line perspectives, apple needs to keep 5s/c line while producing bigger size iPhone 6. iPhone 6 will be pricer in order for apple to recover the overhead cost on BOM and new packaging requirement for 6. it could be that apple will treat iPhone 6 as a separate product category, otherwise, it would be hard for them to...
so you think google's search will be evergreen? 
I dont think 5s/5c would make big splash. Iphone6 will be. Your argument is the same as the one when netcom started to sell iphone4. At that time, ppl said no one would buy iphone from netcom 'cause those wanting one got one already from graymarket.
New Posts  All Forums: