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agreed. they should have done the similar thing as belgium did. even worse, chinese typography is not applied neatly across their stations or generally across their buildings and stuff. hopefully their future generations would start to pay more attention on these. 
i disagree. china does not lack of innovation, but it does need to be patient for great return on investment on innovation. what i meant is that it is very easy to make money by pure labor work, such as low cost manufacturing. in such an environment, if a guy proposes an innovation idea, it would harder for anyone to pour huge amount of money to him unless the idea is sure thing and can generate the return in a short time fashion. now with the labor cost going up and the...
one of main purposes for this effort of the simplified set of chinese is to allow people to remember characters easily. traditional characters sometime can have 10 more strokes than that simplified one. thus it lowered the barrier for beginner. think about it, all simplified character sets are for commonly used words. further, mainland has an easier pronunciation system, PinYin, to help people learn to say chinese word by themselves. i compared it with the one from hong...
i think your comparison between traditional chinese characters vs simplified one is a bit off. out of almost 70k-80k of total chinese characters, only about 3000 of them are in simplified form while the rest are the same between "simplified set" and traditional set. cross-recognition of the characters are very easy. further more, there are various forms of character sets across east asian countries, such as japan or korea where the same character can be written...
 ya, in competition on loading the most number of apps, apple will lose to those phones with 2GB or more RAM. i am sure there are ppl whose lives might depend on getting maxim number of apps running.  the bottom of the line is that you can not have unlimited RAM on a phone or any computational platforms. 
i don't know how samsung does it. but creating the manufacturing process for extra 40million devices is not an easy job. in term of manufactures' efficiency, quality control, and build integrity, it is almost impossible to make it. further, things are not that simple if samsung keeps opening new manufacturing factories. at certain level, just adding new plants and hiring new workers might not help.
phil please stop this "idea not patentable" crap. in hi-tech world, idea most of time is the implementation. loving tech does not mean you know/understand the tech.   
not sure where that 700M number come from. but one thing for sure is that lot of iPhone users in china are starting to have 2 iPhones in hand: one for regular usage, while another one is reserved exclusively for banking/online payment etc. online payment over phone is very good in china, but ppl lost confidence on security.  of course, these folks can afford iPhone and money is not issue for them as i guess. Originally Posted by tooltalk 
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