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there are no doubts that china mobile's customers are most populous. and if apple can provide iphone on china mobile network, apple would benefit neatly. and apple should do it.   but chine mobile has its own issues. majority of its customers are on voice/IM only services. 15 millions or so iphone users on china mobile is not a healthy phenomenon at all. most of them would not use data service on china mobile network, but voice circuit service. to apple, nothing to...
well, i will hold my purchase for a new TV set. in current market, i can only see sony's xbr set has the best color uniformity. 
it can be harder for apple to do it. instead it might be easier for apple to help both china telecom and china unicom to move to FDD LTE faster. it would take another couple of years for china mobile to move to TD LTE because they are not eager to upgrade. china mobile is the big fellow already. apple should not work with them if terms are not pleasant. if unicom and telecom can provide better and faster LTE services than china mobile, iPhone will thrive.
though forstall is no jobs, apple met with quiet jubilation after jobs left apple. jobs was PIA at apple at the time.
i thought cook hired papermaster while jobs went for hist first medical leave.
oops, it has been fixed... it is ok now on my iPhone.
yes, this site is blank on iPhone.
5.4% is shipment rate drop. 
i ordered my RMBP on monday around 1pm pacific time. it is 2.3g with 16g memory. it said it would take 5-7 days and delivery will be between 6/22-25.   the order status changed from processing to prepare shipping by weds night and it was shipped out thursday morning and arrived at memphis TN yesterday night. and it arrived at oakland CA 4am today. fedex delivered it at 10am today.
japan sale was pretty good too. tim cook mentioned it once in conference call. 
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