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oops, it has been fixed... it is ok now on my iPhone.
yes, this site is blank on iPhone.
5.4% is shipment rate drop. 
i ordered my RMBP on monday around 1pm pacific time. it is 2.3g with 16g memory. it said it would take 5-7 days and delivery will be between 6/22-25.   the order status changed from processing to prepare shipping by weds night and it was shipped out thursday morning and arrived at memphis TN yesterday night. and it arrived at oakland CA 4am today. fedex delivered it at 10am today.
japan sale was pretty good too. tim cook mentioned it once in conference call. 
i heard many in are impressed by ip4s' camera and want to get it even though they can only work on chine mobile at edge on data. 
mine is at ontario CA now.
i wonder why apple did not spend some resources to tune up iPhone in japan before announcement.
somewhere in the keynote mentioned that the highest speed on LTE could reach up to 73mbps. anyone knows it is on ATT or VERIZON network?
i tried many times after keynote, but the site is not ready and i think they were still trying to test it, because every time i pushed to checkout, i got that "Oops" message. i tried 10 min ago, lots of http 1.1 messages. but got in once and put the order. all i can tell you is that it is much much better than the experiences on ip4.
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