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i tried many times after keynote, but the site is not ready and i think they were still trying to test it, because every time i pushed to checkout, i got that "Oops" message. i tried 10 min ago, lots of http 1.1 messages. but got in once and put the order. all i can tell you is that it is much much better than the experiences on ip4.
keep trying couple of times, if HTTP 1.1 timeout messages come out, wait a bit longer. soon you would get in. it is much better than iphone4 pre-order.
thanks for the link to the paper. LTE uses OFDM while 3G uses WCDMA. at higher bit rate, i would guess that LTE would consume more power. instead of using 2 radios, QUALCOMM combines them into 1 radio?
i am not following you. the picture in the article said proview closed and building is empty and deserted. do you see any idling chinese workers in the building? a closed factory is the sign that chinese economy is cooling off? by opaque, do you mean that chinese court is a black box system? can you provide any specific "opaque" issue you saw in chinese judicial system? have you been through any chinese courts? lower, intermediate, or high court? please provide some...
it would make sense that ipad3 includes LTE, though might be in small portion of deployment of ipad3. so apple could pilot testing Qualcomm LTE chipset well before iPhone LTE comes in fall.
then you should not come to here. please just leave.
z.z.z., 1: who owned proview shenzen? 2: who owned proview taiwan? 3: who owned proview hong kong?
from this website, it looks like that the real fight is between apple and proview's creditors now, not between apple and YANG, the proview's previous owner.http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-s...2&MainCatID=11
don't creditors come into picture only after proviews declared bankruptcy? following your explanation, can i conclude that all of the other 10 trademark deals are also void because proview can not sell them without creditors' permission?
if YANG's proviews were in process of bankruptcy while talking to apple for trademark transfer, it would be legal for apple to deal with them if its bankruptcy was not announced yet. then why are those proview's creditors crying for foul from apple? they should sue YANG instead, shouldn't they?
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