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z.z.z., 1: who owned proview shenzen? 2: who owned proview taiwan? 3: who owned proview hong kong?
from this website, it looks like that the real fight is between apple and proview's creditors now, not between apple and YANG, the proview's previous owner.http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-s...2&MainCatID=11
don't creditors come into picture only after proviews declared bankruptcy? following your explanation, can i conclude that all of the other 10 trademark deals are also void because proview can not sell them without creditors' permission?
if YANG's proviews were in process of bankruptcy while talking to apple for trademark transfer, it would be legal for apple to deal with them if its bankruptcy was not announced yet. then why are those proview's creditors crying for foul from apple? they should sue YANG instead, shouldn't they?
it does not make sense. if what you said were correct, how come apple's shill company still tried to make a deal with YANG instead of its creditors? didn't they understand that YANG's proviewS are in banks' hand?
it is absurd that apple lawyer quoted "national interest of china". sound stupid, but threatening. i don't think they would see the result as they want.
china mobile actually has many iphones on its network. of course they only support 2g. i heard, but can not confirm, that the main reason ppl uses iphone on china mobile network is that china unicom, the only iphone dealer in china, does not support transferring china mobile phone number over. so any one using iphone on china unicom has to use a new mobile phone number. well, don't overlook this. many VIP mobile users parked at china mobile long long time back when mobile...
in one of the emails between proview shenzhen and london IP company, huy yuan and ray mai were mentioned that they were located in shenzhen, but trade mark belongs to proview taiwan. if proview shenzhen now claimed that trade mark is proview shenzhen property, did not they commit a perjury? at least they lied about it when they talked to that apple's shill company. i understand that maybe proview shenzhen is separated entity from that in hongkong or taiwan, though...
from the following link, it looks like that proview shenzhen is part of bigger proview. if proview shenzhen tricked apple into one country 2 systems crap, apple definitely can sue them or its creditors for extortion. also, it is very stupid for apple to have this shell company from london to do some legal stuff in china. hire a local lawyer, please. here is the link from allthingsD on some detailed emails and document...
for trade mark law in china, it is the first come first server model while in US it is the one who has the service. now, from APad to Zpad, they are registered in china already even though no one might use any of them on any products. i do think chinese way of trade mark registration is flawed because it creates unnecessary overhead to business, both local and foreign. apple vs proview case is good in a sense that china will have to re-examine its IP law to amend the gap...
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