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it does not make senses to have a separated td-scdma iphone. lte will resolve the issue, so china mobile can just wait. one of the main reasons that there are so many iphones on china mobile's network is that china mobile is the earliest mobile carrier in china and many customers do not want to change their cell phone number. somehow china unicom requires a new number for its iphone purchase. i don't know why they do this way, but if this restriction can be removed,...
thanks for the link, which is quite interesting. one of comments by "ochyming": [ Apple manufactures in China because of Google and Microsoft. Apple competes directly with the cartels that sell Google and Microsoft products. And those cartels make their products mainly in asian countries. funny how people criticizes Apple because of FoxConn without asking WHY Apple is outsourcing. Microsoft and Google biz model kills the innovation urge. How many innovations DELL, Sony, or...
the problem is not that android oems don't make money, but that they are making less money. in old 80s, to be a credible oem clone maker, the barrier is not that low. now everyone can be, thus if given the same pie, so many can jump in to get piece of it.
fair enough, let us say ppl from hong kong/macau/taiwan are 10 times more richer than mainlanders. so let us gave them 10% iphone adoption rate, then it would be 3million. if $1000 is per iphone, it would be 3B. it is a good number though. this will leave mainland number as 10million. i don't have apple official report in hand to show that greater china region includes or does include taiwan. here is a new report on apple fy11 where indicates taiwan is part of...
who are in his family? what he was doing is to spend the his last minute with his family.
taiwan has about 23million ppl while hong kong + macau have about 8millions. mainland has about 1.3billion. let us say the top 1% of chinese have iPhone, so it would be 13million. the portion from taiwan/macau/hongkong would be around 1million max. so we can be pretty much sure that the number for the greater china is mainly for the mainland china and much contribution from these 3 areas will be a rounding error. for fy11, apple made $13billion sale in china, including...
i am very very sad
1.5 years ago? which carriers had that service? i bet most of times it would just be in 3g speed.
why only 3m for copper? for passive or active cable?
TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE are both LTE standards and there are separated spectrum being allocated for both. so TDD-LTE would have market everywhere.
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