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Thanks!So I shouldn't worry about running out of video ram...
I have a question concerning the graphics in a mid 2012 MacBook Pro. This MacBook Pro has two graphic cards: - Intel HD 4000 with 1GB vram - GeForce GT 650M with 512MB   The Intel HD has more ram than the GeForco, so will the Intel HD be better for some tasks? ​Or is this just a stupid statement?   (My main use is Aperture)
  Yes, why just one processor, the 12 core model will cost a fortune. And a new motherboard in with the actual design could give you easily 256GB ram
Yes, indeed... But depending on the size of the library ;)   Python or AppleScript could also do the job, you just need a bit of time to write it.
If I've well understood, he has already the music files in that directory and wants to join the covers...
Thx, I've indeed asked this on other forums.   Theoretically (= following that document) should it reach up to 1GB/s, other report it practically goes up to 660MB/s, or 800MB/s. So I really don't know what to follow...
Nobody who can answer?
I've read it already long ago... No mention of the Mac Pro. So apparently I'm not wise enough, that's why I ask it here...   Anyone who can provide me info about the ICH in the Mac Pro?
Digging deeper on the Mac Pro's architecture and bottlenecks I 'discovered' the I/O Controller Hub (shortly ICH).   I read that it maxes out at 660MB/s, though I can't find more information about Apple's southbridge.   Is there anyone here who knows more about it and could tell me where I can find more technical details about the ICH? Is it the same for all generations of Mac Pro?
The following bash script will give you all the files with their relative path. Somehow you'll need to exclude the 'Music' directory there, and then move the files one directory down by adding 'music' to the path.   #! /bin/bash for file in `find . -name \*.txt -print` do if [ -f $file ] then echo $file fi done   Sorry for this incomplete answer, but I haven't got the time to dig deeper in the bash scripting.
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